Veganzones warns that "it will review every penny" dedicated to unemployment

"I want to be very clear, and I want to be from the beginning.

Veganzones warns that "it will review every penny" dedicated to unemployment

"I want to be very clear, and I want to be from the beginning." This was warned yesterday by the regional head of the Industry, Commerce and Employment portfolio, Mariano Veganzones, in a direct message to each "union, employer or association" involved "in the fight against unemployment." Its role and funding will be 'examined'. "We are going to review every cent of a euro" including spending on a Social Dialogue that he described as "ultra-subsidized." His words, which suggested that some organizations could be "living at the expense of the money" that is "dedicated to the unemployed", did not go unnoticed in the opposition that appreciated in the speech of the counsel appointed by Vox an "attack" against the representative organizations from the workers. "It seems that he wants to put the unions of this land in jail," they replied from the socialist caucus.

Chosen by Vox for his technical profile, in his declaration of intent for the legislature the imprint of the formation of Santiago Abascal on several fronts and especially in what he considered a "business of a few, at the expense of money and the need of many" around "unemployment". Veganzones advanced that subsidies to unions and employers will be "adapted" to "the minimum essential for the fulfillment" of their functions and that the participation of organizations in the EcyL aid regulatory bases will be reviewed. "The filler courses, or cover, are over, so that the unemployed waste their time and the Castilians and Leonese, the money", training actions that he framed in "wastage". "Stop making threats and bravado," the prosecutor and Cs, Francisco Igea, reproached him, who pointed out that "I am not the most suspicious of a fluid relationship with the unions, but I advise you to reflect on the habit of calling them looters because they face a unprecedented crisis.

Beyond the training courses, Veganzones also pointed to the financing of the Social Dialogue, which pointed out that "it must be effective and efficient, and with an adequate cost, and a participation that does not produce conflicts of interest, and that is respectful of the role of the rest of civil society actors", and open to the "participation of public figures, through consultation mechanisms". A declaration of intent that the socialists, - who described him as a "fascist apprentice" and accused of "advocating the extreme right" - see "aimed at destroying" a forum that is a "sign of identity of that land" and that It has been the germ of «good agreement». "I have seen things that you would not believe," Veganzones replied, reciting the mythical phrase from Blade Runner in relation to Social Dialogue, which the PP insisted that it has not "resigned."

Controversial aside, Veganzones broke down the main strategic lines of its Ministry, among which those focused on employment take on a special role in the current economic scenario, which contemplate a commitment to the most disadvantaged groups and those with the greatest difficulties in accessing a job, promote « entrepreneurial culture", "the search for opportunities and the promotion of the economy in more depopulated areas as a priority", an "unequivocal commitment to professional training", teleworking to "improve the reconciliation of family and social life" and the Support for the self-employed and young people.

Veganzones, who also advocated that trade "must be one of the great strategic policies" of the Community, called for "sensibility" in the face of "climate fanaticism and ruin" that he understands is introduced by the 2030 Agenda approved by the Government, against the one who charged hard. "We are facing a new crisis caused by another virus, this time an old acquaintance, the virus of communism."