Ukraine: War. Live: Russians near Soledar, Severodonetsk increasingly under attack

5:50 a.

Ukraine: War. Live: Russians near Soledar, Severodonetsk increasingly under attack

5:50 a.m . : Lavrov denies Vladimir Putin is sick

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, denied that President Vladimir Putin was sick on Sunday. He said that he had no symptoms. Russia is a closed country and President Putin's private life and health are taboo topics. They are almost never spoken of publicly.

Lavrov replied to a question by French television channel TF1: "I don’t believe anyone with a clear mind can see in this man (Putin), any signs of illness or affections of any sort." Lavrov noted that Vladimir Putin, who turns 70 this October, is seen in public "daily".

He said, "You can see him on the screen, listen to or read his speeches." "I leave those who spread such false rumors to their conscience, despite all the opportunities they have every day to confirm what is happening."

5:48 a.m . : EU looks for a solution to remove new sanctions against Russia

Since Sunday, representatives of the Twenty-Seven are examining a solution to unlock the 6th EU sanction package against Russia. The most prominent measure is an oil embargo at the end of this year. Hungary, a country that is landlocked and has no access to the sea, blocks these new sanctions. It depends on oil from Russia via the Druzhba pipe, which supplies it with 65%.

Brussels has examined the possibility of exempting Druzhba, in order to limit sanctions on the only supply of oil by watercraft. Two-thirds (three-quarters) of Russian oil supplies to Europe are transported by tankers, and one-third via the Druzhba pipe.

This proposal was made by the French presidency and the European Council (body representing Member States) to allow us to proceed with the 6th set European sanctions currently under discussion since May's beginning. Another option is to delay the adoption of the whole sanctions package, until a solution is found for Hungary's oil supply.

5:46 a.m. Russian forces approach Soledar, a strategic town

Russian forces are moving towards Soledar in the southwestern Donbass region, just a few kilometers away from Bakhmut.

However, "The capture of Soledar and then Siversk, from Ozerne to its north would suffice for Severodonetsk to be cut off from all communication." Michel Goya, a historian, argues that the nine Ukrainian regiments and brigades, which would represent about 1/6th to the Ukrainian ground operational force, would be captured.

5:45 AM: Good morning everyone! This live will cover the current situation in Ukraine on the 96th Day of the Russian Invasion.