Ukraine war. According to Zelensky, there is a "genocide" taking place in the Donbass. The Russian bombardments are continuing: the main portion of Friday

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Ukraine war. According to Zelensky, there is a "genocide" taking place in the Donbass. The Russian bombardments are continuing: the main portion of Friday

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11:15 p.m . 11:15 p.m. - Ukraine's credit rating has been downgraded

S is the financial rating agency

In a statement, she stated that she had added a "negative outlook to the note" because she expected "the Russian-Ukrainian militarism to continue". It points out, however, that it has confirmed its "local currency" B-/B ratings as "Ukrainian public Debt denominated into hryvnia is less susceptible to default payment."

10:21 p.m . Poland is under threat from the Chechen dictator Kadyrov

Our colleagues at BFMTV reported that the Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov threatened Poland in a video posted Wednesday. He said, "After Ukraine, we will show to you in six seconds if the order has been given."

Since the beginning of the war, the Russians and Chechen soldiers under Kadyrov have been fighting in Ukraine with the Chechens.

9:05 p.m . Russia will spend part of its hydrocarbon revenue to support Ukraine's offensive

Russia should be able to receive 1 trillion rubles (13.7 billion euros) more from hydrocarbon exports in 2022. Part of this amount can be used for the continuation of its offensive against Russia, said the Russian Minister of External Affairs on Friday. Anton Siluanov, Finance.

He said, "If we have not put some money from oil or gas in our reserves before, it will be fully spent this year." He added that it would allow pensioners and families with children to receive more money, as well as to conduct the "special operation" in Ukraine. Minister assured that "we have the resources."

8:42 p.m. ICC prosecutor asks Russia to cooperate in Ukraine investigation

Hague tribunal prosecutor Karim Kan said Friday that Russia should cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into alleged war crime committed since Moscow invaded Ukraine. 'a meeting.

The invitation is here. I am open to the Russian Federation's invitation and will continue to knock at their door.

7:52 p.m . : The Orthodox Church of Ukraine (hitherto associated with Moscow) announces a split with Russia

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which was previously affiliated with Moscow, announced Friday that it would be breaking off with Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

"We don't agree with the Muscovite patriarch Kirill regarding war in Ukraine," stated the Ukrainian Church in a press release. This was at the conclusion of the council dedicated to "the aggression against his nation which declared "the full independence, autonomy and sovereignty of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church."

7:41 PM: 70 bodies found in rubble in Mariupol

According to Piotr Andryushchenko (an assistant to the mayor of Mariupol on Telegram), around 70 bodies were found in the rubble from an old industrial building located in the Russian-occupied town of Mariupol. This was quoted by Le Monde.

Russian rescue workers found the bodies and took them to a mass grave. Pyotr Andryushchenko said. These civilians would have been trapped in a building which collapsed following shelling. He said that no identification was possible due to the state of the bodies.

5:49 p.m . According to pro-Russian officials, Severodonetsk is "encircled"

After weeks of bombardment of Severodonetsk by the Russian army, it seems that the Russian army is close to completing the city's encirclement.

According to the Ria Novosti agency a police officer from the pro-Russian separatist state of Lugansk stated that on Friday "the city of Severodonetsk was currently surrounded" and that it is now impossible for the Ukrainian troops to leave.

Oleksandr Striouk (head of the Ukrainian administration in the city) denied that there was a complete encirclement but acknowledged that it was "very difficult".

He stated that "nearly two-thirds" of the city's perimeter was occupied by the enemy but it is not surrounded. Serguii Gaidai, regional governor, quoted him. He said that 90% of the residential buildings in the city were damaged.

5:10 p.m . According to local authorities, 60% of Severodonetsk's housing has been destroyed.

Severodonetsk saw "60%" of the existing housing stock destroyed by Russian shelling. Meanwhile, "85-90%" of the city's buildings suffered damage and would require major restoration, according to Alexander Stryouk. He was the head of civil and military administration in this city, where 12 to 13,000 people remained, compared to 100,000 before the war.

On Wednesday, Serguii Gaidai, the governor in Lugansk (one of the two regions within Donbass), stated that Russian control now covers 95% of Lugansk's region. This is where Severodonetsk or Lyssytchansk can be found.

5:06 p.m . UEFA decides that there will be no football matches between Ukrainians or Belarusians.

UEFA will not allow teams from Ukraine or Belarus to compete in European football competitions. This was decided by its executive committee on Friday in response to Minsk's support of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

This body defends itself by advocating "the safety of teams, officials, and other stakeholders", but this cannot be guaranteed due to the current "armed conflict." Since 2014, she had been acting in the same manner for both the Ukrainian and Russian teams. They could not be drawn against one another.

4:46 p.m . Putin says that accusations against Moscow regarding the food crisis are "baseless".

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that accusations against Russia, which is being held accountable for problems in global grain delivery due to its offensive in Ukraine were "baseless" in a telephone interview with Karl Nehammer, the Austrian Chancellor.

"Vladimir Putin stressed the fact that Russia was not responsible for difficulties in delivering agricultural products on world markets," the Kremlin stated in a statement.

4:44 p.m . : The Ukrainian flag was replaced by a Kyrgyz one in Kyrgyzstan when it appeared on Putin's Peak.

Climbers from the Kyrgyzstan Climbing Federation took down a Ukrainian flag that was placed on a Kyrgyz peak in honor of Vladimir Putin. The flag was replaced by a Kyrgyz flag.

Edouard Koubatov declared that he had taken down the flag from his own initiative without any (intentional) policy. It was replaced on Thursday by a Kyrgyz Flag He said, "I regret being dragged into politics...but one thing is certain: it's the Kyrgyz Flag that must fly above the Kyrgyz Mountains."

4:37 p.m . Monday: Zelensky will address 27 EU countries to seek an agreement on the oil embargo

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, will address the Twenty-Seven leaders at a summit in Brussels Monday. Hungary is blocking the EU embargo against Russian oil.

"President Zelensky is going to join us via videoconference at the beginning of our discussion about the situation in Ukraine," European Council President Charles Michel announced Friday in his invitation to Heads Of State and Government.

Charles Michel says that "our most immediate concern is to assist Ukraine, with our foreign partners, with its liquidity requirements". He also said that leaders will discuss "support for reconstruction" in the midst of crisis. Russian army offensive for over three months

4:26 p.m . 5:26 p.m. - Russian truck manufacturer employs 5,500 workers for short-term work

Due to the shortage of components, more than 51,000 employees at Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz were forced to leave due West sanctions against Moscow's offensive in Ukraine.

According to the news portal of the Kamaz group, "At Kamaz, there has been a three-day work week: Managers, specialists, and employees at production sites that are experiencing shortages of components have begun working reduced hours." Vesti Kamaza. According to Sergei Romanyuk (director of the department for relations between employees, management), this affects 5,500 people.

4:16 p.m . According to the UN, there have been more than 4,000 civilian deaths since the outbreak of the conflict.

According to the Office of the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner (OHCHR), more than 4,000 civilians were killed in Ukraine after the Russian invasion on February 24, and the human toll is likely much higher. ).

According to the OHCHR (which deployed several dozen observers in the country), 4,031 people died and 4,735 were hurt. 670 civilians were killed (129 deaths and 541 injuries) in the Russian-controlled territory.

The High Commission adds that most deaths can be attributed to aerial bombardment or artillery fire.

3:17 p.m . Nearly 3 Million Ukrainian refugees are now in non-border European countries

Nearly 3,000,000 Ukrainian refugees fled the Ukraine-bordering countries to seek refuge in other European countries. ONU.

According to UNHCR statistics, 6,659 220 Ukrainians fled their country after the Russian invasion of February 24th. More than 3.5 million of these refugees fled to Poland from Ukraine, according to UNHCR figures. Shabia Mantoo, spokesperson for UNHCR, stated that 2.9 million refugees had fled Ukraine's neighboring countries. Press in Geneva

According to UN agency, the largest number of Ukrainian refugees living in non-neighboring countries was in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. Poland is still the country of origin. Around 100,000 refugees arrived at the Polish border each day in March. However, their numbers dropped to around 20,000 by May.

2:25 p.m . - Russian elected communists demand an end to the offensive against Ukraine

The Primorsky region of Russia's Communist Party was asked by elected members to end the offensive in Ukraine. This is the first time such an initiative has been taken by elected members from the Communist Party, which was formed to support the attack launched on President Vladimir Putin's orders on February 24.

Despite several attempts by elected officials and the governor of this region, Leonid Vasyukevich (a member of the Communist Party of Russia) stood up during the meeting and read an address addressed to President Vladimir Putin. To silence him, he was present at the meeting.

According to the YouTube video of the session, he stated that a number of measures were adopted to help the families of soldiers who lost their lives during the military operation.

"We know that there will be more orphans if the war operation continues. He said that people become disabled during the military operation. These are young people who could be a great asset to our country. He concluded by requesting the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops, to which he received some applause.

1:18 p.m . Romania and Poland are "optimistic" about Sweden and Finland joining NATO

Bucharest, Warsaw, and Istanbul's foreign ministers stated that they are optimistic about Sweden and Finland joining NATO, in spite of Ankara’s hostility.

After their talks, the two ministers spoke at a joint press conference together with Mevlut Cavusoglu. "Unlike many others, I believe this. "I am certain that this disagreement can be resolved in a best possible manner, in the spirit NATO solidarity," stated Zbigniew Rau, Polish Minister.

"We need to be stronger by Sweden and Finland joining NATO," he said. (...) However, this accession must be in the best interests of all NATO allies, which includes Turkey," he said.

"We support constructive dialogue that is taking place here. "We hope to hear good news about Sweden or Finland soon," stated Bogdan Aurescu, Romanian Foreign Minister.

12:29 p.m . : "A dozen killed" in Russian strikes on military ground in Dnipro

According to the head of territorial defense, "A dozen" people were injured and killed in a Russian strike that took place on Friday at Dnipro, a large industrial town in central-eastern Ukraine.

"Iskander missiles hit National Guard practice range. Guennadi Korban, a local Dnipro TV channel, said that we are sad to hear about the deaths of a dozen people and the injuries sustained by between 30 and 35 others. He said that the perimeter of the installation implied that soldiers were the victims.

He said that three missiles were fired from Russia’s Rostov region. However, only one of them caused any casualties.

12:23 p.m . Moscow: According to Moscow, the West's "total warfare" against Russia will continue for a long time.

Sergei Lavrov, head of Russian diplomacy, denounced "a total warfare" by the West against Russia and said that it would "last a long time." During a meeting with Russian officials, he stated that the West had declared an all-out war on Russia, and against the entire world.

He stated, "We can confirm that this situation will continue for a long period of time." He said that the United States and its satellites were doubling, tripling, quadrupling efforts to contain Russia using a broad instrument, which includes unilateral economic sanctions as well as deeply misleading propaganda in global media space. The minister was slapped, accusing him of "unprecedented Russophobia".

He also attacked the so-called "cancel culture", saying that Westerners had banned the classics Tchaikovsky, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.

11:44 a.m . : Russia to expel five Croatian diplomats

Russia announced that five Croatian diplomats will be expelled in retaliation to the expulsion of 24 Russians. This decision was made in April by Zagreb following the Russian offensive against Ukraine.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, it had "protested” the Croatian ambassador against Russia's accusations of war crimes in Ukraine. He also accused Zagreb of supporting the neo Nazi regime in Kyiv militarily.

11:00 AM: Russia estimates that it can export 50,000,000 tonnes of grain

Russia announced it will export 50 million tonnes of cereals in the next season. This is a sharp increase from the current financial years, and against the backdrop of a possible food crisis caused by the Russian offensive against Ukraine.

Russian grain exports are being held back by financial sector and supply chain sanctions. However, those from Ukraine are suffering the effects of the Russian military's onslaught.

"In this season (2021-2022), we have already exported 37,000,000 tonnes of cereals, 28.5 of wheat, and by the end-of the agricultural year (June 30, editors' note), we are aiming to export 37 million tonnes grain," stated Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev during a forum for sector exporters.

He said, "And the next season (beginning July 1, 2022), we estimate our export potential to be at 50 million tonnes." Russia projects that Russia's 2022 harvest will reach 130 million tonnes, as opposed to 121.4 in last year.

10:07 AM: Separatists claim they have conquered Lyman, Donbass

Pro-Russian separatists from Donetsk claimed Friday that they had captured Lyman in eastern Ukraine, a crossroads which opens the road to Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

The Territorial Defense Staff of the Donetsk, a Telegram account of the Territorial Defense Staff of the Donetsk, stated that it had "taken total control" of Krasny Lyman (formerly Lyman), along with military units from the separatist area of Lugansk as well as the "fire support” of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Russian army has not yet commented on the matter and AFP was unable to verify the claims from an independent source.

Lyman is a major railway junction, located northeast of Sloviansk (the symbolic city), which was taken over by pro-Russian separatists in 2014. Kramatorsk, the capital for the Donetsk region, is under Ukrainian control.

Lyman's capture would remove an obstacle to Sloviansk, then Kramatorsk. It also marks progress in the attempt at encircle Severodonetsk or Lyssytchansk - two important cities in Ukraine further east.

The separatists claimed Tuesday that Lyman had been taken under their control for half of its population.

8:54 AM: Five civilians have been killed in the Lugansk area

Five civilians were killed in the Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine in less than 24 hours, according to Serguii Gaidai, the governor of this region.

He said that four civilians were killed in Severodonetsk. This is a region capital under the control Ukrainian authorities. 50 buildings were also damaged. 50 km from Severodonetsk, a man was also hit by a shell at Komychouvakha.

Sergey Gaidai posted on Telegram that the people of Severodonetsk had forgotten what a ceasefire lasting at least half an hour was. "The Russians are bombarding residential areas constantly.

8:19 a.m . : Death in Komychouvakha in Lugansk

Sergey Gaidai (the governor of Lugansk) informed Telegram that a man died in a bombardment at Komychouvakha in the east of Russia.

7:58 a.m . 7:58 a.m. - The United States is ready to send long-range missiles (Long-Range Missiles) to Ukraine

CNN reports that the United States is planning to send long-range missiles towards Ukraine. This was based on official sources. According to American media, the Biden administration must confirm the next week that the advanced technology will be sent, along with military and security equipment. Volodymyr Zelensky repeatedly called for the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), weapons that can fire much farther than what the Ukrainians currently have.

6:04 a.m . 6:04 a.m.

Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia Thursday of "genocide” in the Donbass. Zelensky, in his daily television address, said that "the current offensive by the occupiers of the Donbass could render it uninhabited." He also accused Russian forces from trying to "burn down" several villages in the region.

Russia uses "deportation" to kill civilians in the Donbass. Zelensky said that this is a clear policy of genocide by Russia.

Zelensky's accusations echo Russia's, which justifies its invasion of the Donbass by an alleged "genocide," perpetrated by the Ukrainians against Russian-speaking people.

The Ukrainian Parliament had adopted in April a resolution calling for the end of "genocide" by the Russian army's actions in Ukraine. It had also urged other countries and international organizations not to follow suit. This expression was used by Joe Biden, the US president.

5:50 am: The war in Ukraine has caused the American GDP to contract by 1.5% in its first quarter

According to Thursday's second estimate, the U.S. gross domestic products (GDP) contracted 1.5% more than originally forecast. Trade.

The initial estimate published at the end April had indicated a contraction in January-March of 1.4%. This was unexpected in light of persistent problems and high inflation. on supply chains.

5:48 AM: Russia's trust has been lost for 'generations,' says Finland

According to Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime Minister, Russia's confidence has been "lost for generations" since the invasion of Ukraine. Sanna Marin spoke in Kyiv on Thursday.

"What Russia did is a turning point in Europe and the world. "We see that the old system has been destroyed and there is no going back into old relations," Sanna Marin stated during a press conference with Denys Chmygal, Ukraine's Prime Minister.

Sanna Marin also met with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, and visited Boutcha, Irpin, and other towns that were occupied by the Russian army and then abandoned by them. These towns have become icons of massacres of civilians attributed Russian troops. "We now understand what Russia can do with its aggressive actions. We can now see the crimes that imperialism causes. We now see that no crime should be left unpunished," she stated.

Kyiv: 5:46 AM: Russian offensive of maximum intensity in Donbass

Thursday's description by Ukraine of a Russian military offensive with "maximum intensity" and a very difficult situation in its east, was a call for more heavy weapons, and denounced in advance any "pacifist concession" to Russia. Russia has contemptuously rejected the Italian peace plan.

It's hard, but we keep going. We fight for every village, every inch of the frontline. "We can drive the enemy from our land with western weapons," said Valeriy Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief Ukrainian Armed Forces.

5:45 AM: Good morning everyone! This live will cover the current situation in Ukraine on the 93rd anniversary of the Russian invasion.