UK: Cat is born without genitals

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UK: Cat is born without genitals

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In Warrington, UK, animal rights activists have taken in a very special found kitten. Because: Hope was born without genitals. So the kitten is neither male nor female, making it something of a veterinary sensation!

Cats Protection's Rescue Center in Warrington, UK, has taken care of a mom cat and her four kittens. Little did animal rights activists know at first that one of the animals is a real veterinary sensation.

The kitten, named Hope, was taken in by caregivers at the rescue center believing she was a female, Unilad writes. But after several investigations it was found that Hope has no sex organs - neither male nor female. "We did a survey to look for genitals, but nothing can be seen, inside or out," says Fiona Brockbank, Cats Protection's senior veterinarian.

And with that, Hope seems to be something very special. Because: "Something like this has never happened to us at Cats Protection." In addition, the veterinarian could imagine that this is basically a phenomenon that a veterinarian may never have encountered.

Unfortunately, this is also where the difficulty lies: Whether Hope will have problems in the future due to this agnesia, i.e. the lack of organs, is difficult to predict. However, at Cats Protection's Rescue Center, Hope was closely examined and observed to see if the kitten was having problems urinating or defecation due to underdevelopment.

Fortunately, no such problems could be found and Hope was put up for adoption. The little cat is currently waiting to go to a new loving home. And despite her special feature, she will certainly find it quickly. Because who can resist these cute button eyes?

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