Twilight 6: Is there a new movie planned?


Twilight 6: Is there a new movie planned?

TWILIGHT. The Twilight saga ended in 2012 with the second part of "Revelation". However, fans are still hoping for a sequel in the form of a sixth movie. Are they right?

[Updated April 11, 2022 at 8:45 p.m.] The Twilight saga ended ten years ago in cinemas. Even today, the franchise of vampires and werewolves retains its special status. We love or hate the adaptation of the four books by Stephenie Meyer, but it absolutely does not leave anyone indifferent. In the cinema, the love rivalries between Edward and Jacob to get Bella's heart held viewers spellbound for five films, since the fourth volume was split into two parts. Some early fans still hope to find the heroes of the saga for a sixth Twilight.

Unfortunately, fans will have to cool their enthusiasm, since a Twilight 6 does not seem to be on the agenda at all. No formalization has been made about a possible sequel, the plot having ended at the end of the fifth film. For the past few years, Lionsgate boss Jon Feltheimer had hinted that a sequel was "a possibility", that there were "lots of additional stories to tell" but that "it's all in Stephenie's hands. [Meyer, the author's note]". This has not, for the time being, resulted in any film project.

At the peak of their careers and acclaimed by critics since the end of the five films, Robert Pattinson (Edward) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) have never expressed their desire to reprise their characters. In addition, the four works of Stephenie Meyer have been adapted for the screen: there is no material left for a new film. Midnight Sun, the author's latest book, recounts the same events as the first book from Edward's perspective. So it's hard to make a new film out of it. Fans will have to make do with five feature films, regularly broadcast on television.

Adored or criticized, the Twilight saga does not fail to divide the public. What is certain is that she revealed a new generation of actors and propelled her duo of actors to stardom. Since the end of the saga, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shine in independent cinema and blockbusters. Robert Pattinson was chosen to play the next Batman in Matt Reeves' film, while Kristen Stewart's performances in Personal Shopper or Sils Maria (for which she won a César) confirmed her status as a solid actress. of his generation.

It is on the side of the supporting roles that the post-Twilight period has been the most difficult. Taylor Lautner (Jacob) managed to land a few roles after the saga, notably in the Scream Queens series. His last role dates from 2016, and since then the ex-star has disappeared from public life. Ashley Greene (Alice) subsequently appeared in The role of my life, Kristy, but also the Rogue series or the drama Les Insoumis. She recently appeared in Scandal alongside Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie.