TuS Bövinghausen: Cult millionaire "Chico" becomes a sponsor of the Großkreutz Club

This article first appeared on ntv.

TuS Bövinghausen: Cult millionaire "Chico" becomes a sponsor of the Großkreutz Club

This article first appeared on ntv.de.

Actually, the mood at TuS Bövinghausen couldn't be better. The promoted team is enthroned after 15 matchdays at the top of the Oberliga Westfalen and has justified hopes of a march through to the legendary Regionalliga West, where cult clubs like SG Wattenscheid 09, Rot-Weiss Oberhausen or Wuppertaler SV cavort. But the TuS Bövinghausen would not be the TuS Bövinghausen if the sporting luck was not torn to shreds by violent turbulence. After an unchallenged 3-1 win against FC Eintracht Rheine on Saturday afternoon, Sebastian Tyrala and his coaching team threw down.

In 42 competitive games, the former Borussia Dortmund professional was on the sidelines for the suburban club, the portal "transfermarkt.de" shows an outstanding point average of 2.33. However, you have to know that Bövinghausen is no ordinary club, no ordinary climber. The Dortmunders want to go with all their might into the regional league with their sporting workhorse, ex-world champion Kevin Großkreutz. The squad is equipped with numerous top players from the Pott region. The pressure is correspondingly high. According to his own statements, Tyrala had felt this in an unpleasant way in the past few weeks.

"Of course, the team was very shocked," said the coach. "But the game against Rheine was important. TuS wants to go up, Ajan Dzaferoski (Editor's note: President and patron of the club) said that clearly." That's why it was important that they "have no disruptions and win the game" in Bövinghausen. That's why he decided to announce his retirement after the game.

"I didn't want to have this feeling on my neck all the time that I'll be gone tomorrow," Sebastian Tyrala is quoted as saying in "Reviersport". "The feeling was there at the moment. We had it after a short series in which we lost twice. After the next defeat against Vreden it came back a bit. I was just a bit tired of that. I invest everything, the team is good prepared. But you lose games in the Oberliga." The coach confessed: "We're first. I and the boys can't do a better job." In addition to the ex-professional, assistant Florian Bartel and team manager Daniel Dukic also leave the court.

At the highest level, the decision does not seem to cause any emotional states of emergency. "You explained that with the great pressure that prevails in the club. If you can't handle it, you're in the wrong place here. We don't have problems, only problem solutions," the entrepreneur Dzaferoski is quoted as saying on "Reviersport". It's not the first time the club has made wild headlines in Dortmund. Most recently, the boss had fallen out with the "Ruhr Nachrichten" because they had reported on alleged tax offenses. The newspaper stopped reporting after being banned from TuS.

Of course, this does not apply to "Chico", Germany's most famous lottery millionaire. He was a guest at TuS on Saturday and celebrated (not only) the victory with the team. "Mega Tag," he posted on Instagram for a video and indulged in several luxury hashtags, including "

But yes: As reported by "Reviersport", Kürsat Yildrim actually joins as a supporter. "In the future I will be a sponsor here and come by very often," announced the new millionaire. "You don't talk about the details. But I would always support TuS Bövinghausen in the future." President Dzaferoski and Misha Bsharyan connect him to the club. "He's a very, very good friend here at the club. We've known each other for years and that's what brought me here."

But back to TuS and excitement: World Cup hero David Odonkor had thrown in the summer. The 16-time national player complained to the “Ruhr Nachrichten” about outstanding salary payments at the time. For this reason he also refused to participate in championship games in the final sprint of the season. "If the club doesn't meet its obligations and salaries aren't paid, then there's nothing I can do," he said. He had "fulfilled his obligations, even if I didn't get any money." The TuS boss contradicted this representation: "In Odonkor's contract it says that he has to be 75 percent present. That means during training and games. He gets an expense allowance for that. But because he wasn't 75 percent present, he doesn't have any He should read his contract better.

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