Tuawa organizes the great Water Festival in Valencia

Tuawa welcomes summer with the organization of the first great Water Festival in Valencia.

Tuawa organizes the great Water Festival in Valencia

Tuawa welcomes summer with the organization of the first great Water Festival in Valencia. The Water Fest will take place on June 25 and 26 on the north esplanade of La Marina in Valencia to value responsible water consumption and to emphasize the importance of caring for our planet together.

With an eminently playful and didactic approach, the Water Fest was born with the aim of becoming an annual event that can be reproduced in the rest of the cities where Tuawa has a presence. It is about using fun tools so that, in a natural way, especially the smallest of the house, they internalize values ​​such as sustainability and individual responsibility with the environment.

For this, a complete program has been designed, with more than thirty different activities, so that any member of the family finds the Water Fest a comfortable, fun and interesting space to spend the day.

On June 25 and 26, those attending the Water Festival will be able to enjoy performances by Ramonets, Beatles for Kids and El Vicent. The concerts, specially designed for children, will be at 12 and 18 hours. The best known by the Valencian public, Ramonets, will perform on Saturday afternoon.

Attached to the canal, the public visiting the Water Fest will be able to enjoy an area with recycled furniture made from fishing nets or rice straw, thanks to the collaboration of CMPlastik, specialists in circular economy.

In the surroundings of the Pérgola, where the live concerts will be held, there will be six foodtruks surrounded by shaded areas and picnic tables.

The Water Fest has been organized with entities with a strong social and environmental commitment such as the Aguas de Valencia Foundation, the Oceanographic Foundation, the Azul Marino Foundation or the Limne Association. The Aguas de Valencia Foundation has planned to develop sustainable activities to raise awareness among the little ones. Also, in the space baptized as Planeta Azul, these organizations together with Tuawa have scheduled numerous activities to attract the younger public to know, value and care for our natural environment, especially rivers, seas and the life they house.

With this objective, the Fundación Oceanogràfic has prepared two knowledge spaces, where biological samples will be exhibited and research and conservation projects will be discussed; a space of threats, with the main environmental impacts identified on the coast with an exhibition of marine litter and a space of good practices, where the function of the Ark of the Sea and the network of strandings of the Valencian Community will be explained.

In addition, all visitors to the Water Fest will be able to add an environmental wish or an example of good practice written on paper and hang it on a net-type support.

For its part, the Limne Association has prepared activities that will help us better understand how to conserve and improve aquatic ecosystems, especially our rivers; and finally, the Azul Marino Foundation will present amazing workshops that will help us discover how to take care of our Mediterranean and the species that live in the seas and oceans.

The Water Fest will bring together numerous recreational activities aimed primarily at children and young people in the area of ​​the esplanade. An area equipped with tents where workshops and games will be held with a common theme: Water. "Wet your partner", "Experiments with Water", "Taller Pompero", and "Water Race" are some of the activities aimed at the youngest members of the family.

The Water Fest also has the participation of companies closely linked to the Sea and that have wanted to contribute to the celebration of the first Festival dedicated to raising awareness about the use of water that has been organized in Valencia. Thus, Ocean Republik in the mornings and Suplife in the afternoons will offer activities for the entire family, such as MegapaddelSurf or skatesurf workshops, respectively.

Without a doubt, the great attraction of the inflatable area for the youngest members of the household is going to be the Kamikaze water slide. This space of pure fun will also have a slide castle, a ball pool, a “turtle” slide castle and a water slide with a sliding pool.

All Valencians are invited to participate in the Water Fest. The only activities that will require a wristband will be the inflatables and the guided activities. 5 euros per bracelet that will allow unlimited access throughout the day and that can also be purchased in advance on its website. 50% of the proceeds will go to entities with a clear social and environmental commitment.

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