Trouble over licenses: Discord at Gault

There is the German edition of Gault</p>The news comes as a surprise.

Trouble over licenses: Discord at Gault

There is the German edition of Gault

The news comes as a surprise. The Gault only had it at the beginning of February

The guide had announced extensive modernizations for the coming test season. In the future, a council of experts should be responsible for restaurant reviews and the results should no longer be published annually, but rather promptly after the anonymous visits. A novelty for which you get the Gault

This all seems to have met with little approval in France. In a so-called clarification on the alleged termination of the license agreement, which is said to have been valid since November 16th, the parent brand distances itself. Gault

There Gault

Henri's edition vehemently denies all accusations. The license agreement is still valid and the costs have been paid in full up to and including 2025. “The news currently circulating is damaging to reputation and business and will be emphatically rejected,” read a statement published last Friday afternoon.

If one follows this explanation, at least the accusation of arrears in payments would be off the table, but criticism of the working methods would not be. In fact, the German licensees have been cooking their own soup for a long time. Among other things, it caused a stir in the industry when the 2022 Guide differed from the Gault international standard rating system

The first sign that things are going wrong would be to look at the German Gault homepage for some time

The dispute is currently one of statement against statement. It cannot be ruled out that in the end the courts will have to decide who is right. In any case, the publisher Henris Edition has already announced that it wants to examine legal steps.

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