Trial: Daughter and boyfriend convicted of double murder

The hatred of their own parents culminated in two brutal murders: in the trial for the Mistelbach double murder, the two accused were found guilty.

Trial: Daughter and boyfriend convicted of double murder

The hatred of their own parents culminated in two brutal murders: in the trial for the Mistelbach double murder, the two accused were found guilty. A 19-year-old was sentenced to a youth sentence of 13 years and 6 months by the Bayreuth district court on Monday.

He was the boyfriend of the eldest daughter of the doctor couple who had been brutally stabbed to death in a village near Bayreuth about a year ago. The daughter herself was also convicted of murder – to nine and a half years as a youth prisoner.

The youth chamber saw the 17-year-old as the driving force behind the crime, even though her boyfriend had stabbed her and she wasn't at the scene of the crime. "She acted out of hatred for her parents," said presiding judge Andrea Deyerling. Both parents should be put out of the way. "She is the initiator of this act." Without her, the murders would never have happened.

There are three younger siblings

The lawyer outlined the dimensions of the crime: "a tragedy, a catastrophe." The murdered couple, a 51-year-old pediatrician and a 47-year-old doctor, left behind three younger children in addition to the now convicted daughter. The act remains incomprehensible, said Deyerling, and brought a lot of suffering to many people. "There have never been so many tears in this room," she said, looking back on the 14 days of the trial, during which the public was excluded.

In the verdict, the chamber described in detail how the brutal murder came about: Accordingly, the accused repeatedly claimed that her parents treated her badly and beat her. She and her brother even had suicidal thoughts.

But it actually looked different, the girl's claims had been refuted, said the judge: the parents were overwhelmed with their teenage daughter who was truant and even asked the youth welfare office for help. It got to the point where the mother wanted to do a self-defense course because she was afraid of arguments with her eldest daughter. The 17-year-old has repeatedly told friends and siblings that she wanted her parents dead.

The friend was easily manipulated

The accused moved in with his girlfriend a few weeks before the crime and was kicked out at home. The family received him kindly, he was even photographed on the family's Christmas greeting, it was said. Nevertheless, he believed his partner's descriptions that her parents would hit her. The young people recognized that he was easily manipulated, said Deyerling: "He was willing to do anything for her."

When her boyfriend stood in front of her on the night of January 9, 2022 – with balaclava, headlamp and knife in hand, the 17-year-old is said to have said: “You look really sexy.”

In the bedroom of the two parents he finally stabbed brutally - a multitude of stabs, which even went through bones, hit the two victims. They died at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, the girl stayed upstairs. When his brother was awakened by the mother's screams, it discouraged him from stepping in or getting help.

The young couple had decided to flee after the crime. They walked to Bayreuth because they couldn't get the family car out of the garage. There, the now convicted perpetrator finally turned himself in to the police. He kept his girlfriend out for a long time, claiming to have acted out of an aggression disorder. Only later did he admit that she had instigated him.

However, according to the youth chamber, the girl continued to deny involvement in the crime. Her defense attorney had asked for an acquittal in the pleadings. She was asleep and was only awakened by the screams, she explained. But that was all refuted by testimonies from the brother, said the judge. The justification for the verdict lasted an hour and a half, and the perpetrator who had now been convicted usually looked straight ahead. "The parents were killed, the siblings were orphaned," summarized Deyerling. And looked the girl straight in the eye.

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