Travel gadget: Forgotten by many, missed by all: Five travel hairdryers in comparison

For people with long hair, little is more annoying than drying it with a lazy hairdryer.

Travel gadget: Forgotten by many, missed by all: Five travel hairdryers in comparison

For people with long hair, little is more annoying than drying it with a lazy hairdryer. Especially in hotels, the hairdryers only blow a gentle breeze and are usually permanently installed in the bathroom. This is particularly unfavorable if the hair is dried upside down and you want to sit down occasionally.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, some hair dryers also lack important settings, such as blowing cold air. Unfortunately, the in-house hairdryer is not suitable for taking with you on the trip because it is too big. Let's take a look at which smaller models there are and what distinguishes a good rice dryer from a bad one.

A sensible travel hairdryer should of course be small and so that it fits in your hand luggage without any problems. Some manufacturers therefore offer foldable handles to save space. Others try to design their hair dryer so small that it doesn't even have to be folded. In addition, the mini hair dryer should of course blow properly and small hair dryers can now do this surprisingly well. The guideline here is a wattage of 1600 watts and more. More importantly, the heat levels can be adjusted.

Too much heat damages the hair and dries it out. That's why you want a strong hairdryer, because with weak models you expose your scalp and hair to heat for an unnecessarily long time. It is equally important that the travel hairdryer offers a cold switch, because after the hair has dried, the subsequent cold treatment ensures that the natural sebum in the hair hardens again and the mane gets its shape. And if you are traveling abroad, a suitable adapter for the travel hairdryer is of course always welcome.

Let's start with the cheapest travel hairdryer in comparison, the Beurer HC 25, which has almost everything a travel hairdryer should have. It offers an output of 1600 watts, of course the cold setting to fix the hair and two heating and fan levels. Unfortunately, the heat automatically increases with the fan. So you don't have the option to dry your hair with the fan on full and medium heat. With a weight of 430 grams, the Beurer HC 25 is pleasantly light.

And thanks to its folding handle, it can be stored in your luggage to save space. Unfortunately, a diffuser is not included, which is why the hairdryer is only partially suitable for curly hair. But it offers voltage switching, which not every travel hairdryer can do. Thanks to this and a suitable adapter, the Beurer rice dryer can be used anywhere in the world.

We continue with the lifelong travel hairdryer, which blows a little more powerfully than the Beurer model with 2100 watts. At 600 grams, it is also a whopping 170 grams heavier than the first travel hair dryer. What both have in common are two heating and fan levels as well as the cold button for fixing the hair. The lifelong hairdryer also has a folding handle so you can store it in your luggage to save space. It's a shame: Lebenlang didn't provide his model with a voltage conversion. And there is also no diffuser, which is why the travel hairdryer is only partially suitable for curly hair.

If you are looking for an absolute premium travel hairdryer, the XS Black Orbit from HH Simonsen is a suitable option. The mini hair dryer is also suitable for everyday use. Compared to the other models, it comes with a curl diffuser. Its weight is comparable to that of the first travel hairdryer: it weighs just 430 grams and has an output of 2000 watts. Nice: the heat and fan can be regulated separately. This is not the case with the first two travel hairdryers. And of course it also offers a cold switch. However, the XS Black Orbit does not have a folding handle. Because of its small size, the mini hair dryer still fits in any luggage. However, its three meter long power cable could cause problems.

Admittedly, very few people are likely to be willing to pay more than 200 euros. If you are looking for a travel hairdryer with a diffuser that is significantly cheaper, the Sross model is suitable because the manufacturer also includes an attachment for curls with its travel hairdryer. Unfortunately, the mini hair dryer does not offer a folding handle, but the rest of the data is convincing. Of course, it offers a button to blow out cold air and two different fan and heat levels, which, however, cannot be regulated separately. Its power is 1800 watts and its weight is also acceptable at 500 grams.

The final touch is the GRT-PRO travel hairdryer. With a weight of 320 grams and 2200 watts, it is the lightest and most powerful travel hairdryer in terms of wattage. Nice: A diffuser for curly hair is included. It also offers three heating levels. This means you can also use the hairdryer in cold mode. Unfortunately, the heating and fan levels cannot be regulated separately. There is a cold switch for this. In order to store the hairdryer easily, the manufacturer once again uses a folding handle.


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