Today can be a great day

Today there are three inescapable events.

Today can be a great day

Today there are three inescapable events. On the one hand, the Eurovision Song Contest, which is expected to be won by Ukraine for the reasons that Joaquín Luna presented in these pages on Thursday. Due to an exceptional astral alignment, it is also the Night of the Museums, during which these cultural temples remain open until the few.

As Elisenda Pineda pointed out, it is an unfortunate coincidence: “Museum Night and Eurovision the same night. That way, no. ” There are, however, some who consider that there is no problem because the target of the first event is not the same as the other, and this will mean that there will not be many people in the Buridan donkey dilemma. that, as he was as thirsty as he was hungry, between a heap of wheat and a heap of water he was unable to decide whether he first ate and then drank, or vice versa, and died.

The third event of the day will have taken place before it gets dark. The coordinator of Barcelona en Comú will propose to the bases that they vote if Ada Colau can run again in the municipal elections. Rest assured that they will vote yes. This is the third time he has run for office, although he has vowed not to run for office for more than two terms. But the cake is too juicy to refuse. Especially when he has re-election secured as the rest of the parties do not seem to be able to contest his baton. Elsa Artadi folded a few days ago because she saw Colau eating it with potatoes. You can be upper and not silly. ERC won last time and to no avail. The PSC is a free use crutch. With a scenario like this, who would choose to fold and give up, not just the cake but the whole party? Good food! , Manuel Valls would say if he weren't in Paris now licking Macron. This time, the gardener will watch the show on TV.