TikTok: Viral Recipes: Five Tasty Food Trends You Need to Try

TikTok is both a blessing and a curse.

TikTok: Viral Recipes: Five Tasty Food Trends You Need to Try

TikTok is both a blessing and a curse. When it comes to food and recipes, you can look forward to an almost endless amount of ideas. Hardly any other social media platform offers so much inspiration for creative, unusual and delicious food creations. New recipes are shared as short clips every minute - most of them with the potential to become the next hit in the home kitchen or a global trend.

If a recipe goes viral, there is almost no way around trying it out. But which ideas are really worth it? In addition to classics like the viral feta pasta - you can find the recipe here - or the Gigi Hadid vodka pasta, there are a few other recipes that are waiting to be tested. They are all simple, quick to make and taste irresistible.

Smashed potatoes are basically nothing more than mashed potatoes. Nevertheless, they impress in terms of taste as they are marinated with plenty of oil, spices and chili. The result: A crispy potato dish that's a bit reminiscent of a mix of chips and fries - only better.

Goes well with: guacamole, a herb dip, a colorful salad

What do you think of when you hear the name “Green Goddess Salad”? If it's an incredibly healthy and green salad, then you're spot on. Nevertheless, the recipe for this TikTok trend is much more sophisticated than it initially sounds. Sweet, sour, crunchy and served with green pesto – a real treat.

For the dressing

Admittedly, the German translation of “Feta Fried Eggs” – crispy feta fried eggs – sounds a bit long-winded, but it best describes what awaits us in this viral TikTok classic: crispy fried egg, coated in aromatic feta cheese, fried in a pan . Preparation is also incredibly easy.

Lasagna as soup? This not only sounds brilliant, but is THE perfect dinner, especially in winter.

Oatmeal only tastes sweet? Because they are just as good as hearty porridge. A culinary reinvention that is somewhat reminiscent of risotto, hence the name "Oatsotto".

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