Tiktok trend : "Perineum Sunning" - why sticking your bare bottom in the sun is not a good idea

People do the craziest things to benefit their health and well-being.

Tiktok trend : "Perineum Sunning" - why sticking your bare bottom in the sun is not a good idea

People do the craziest things to benefit their health and well-being. A wellness trend that has now been reheated by social media platform Tiktok: sunbathing the area around the butt hole. More precisely, the perineum - i.e. the area between the anus and vulva or anus and scrotum. There are all kinds of videos on Tiktok in which people happily bend forward and stretch their bare buttocks towards the sun or lie on their backs, spread their legs and hold their perineum in the sun. The proponents swear by this technique. The so-called "perineum sunning" is supposed to provide users with a vitamin D booster, balance the hormone balance, ensure better sleep, give a nice tan and even lead to an increased libido. Wow - and all this by stretching your bare bottom towards the sun for a few minutes.

There are around three million views on Tiktok under the hashtag "perineumsunning", but this does not make this wellness trend a good idea. It is true that the body makes vitamin D from sunlight. And this vitamin is important for us – it is essential for bone metabolism, among other things. But in order to absorb vitamin D, we don't have to expose our bare bottom to the sun of all things. There is no scientific evidence that we are particularly good at absorbing vitamin D through the dam, dermatologist Susan Bard told Healthline.

This trend is not helpful for the body. In fact, the opposite is true: exposing the sensitive area of ​​the body so directly to the sun can even be harmful. "Our skin responds to UV radiation in the same way, whether it's through the perineum or the face. UV exposure can cause DNA damage that leads to the development of skin cancer," dermatologist Tanya Kormeili told Healthline. Dermatologists also criticize the practice on Tiktok. One of them is Dustin Portlela. He describes that the area between the vulva and anus and anus and scrotum is very sensitive. Precisely because this region usually rarely gets the sun, it is particularly prone to sunburn. Users would thus increase their risk of skin cancer. The dermatologist explains that he has already had to remove skin cancer from the anus – and nobody wants to experience that. So if you really want to sunbathe the dam, you should at least apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

The energy boost that many followers of "Perineum Sunning" are hoping for will not come from the wellness trend - at most they will get sunburned. And how it probably feels in this body region can be imagined by everyone, even if you haven't experienced it yourself. A much easier and safer way to increase energy levels is a lot more mundane. Namely: Make sure you get enough sleep and, ideally, regular sleeping and waking times. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are also important for having more energy.

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