This great idea needs to be followed up.

"The government should.

This great idea needs to be followed up.

"The government should..." This is often how the majority opinion begins when we are called upon to confront a problem. President Kennedy's suggestion of what YOU should do for your country doesn't come so spontaneously.

The best example is a vox pop on the environment. Everyone agrees: the government should do more. Big companies too! Few are those who will explain on the microphone that they themselves have to change their way of life and that they are engaged in this process.

In the case of CHSLDs, Coroner Géhane Kamel's report provides a long list of what the government should do. These proposals get a fairly easy buy-in since they fit perfectly into the "Government should..." mold.

On the other hand, one of the coroner's interesting proposals appeals to everyone. For extreme situations such as the pandemic in CHSLDs, a voluntary emergency civic service should be created. It could also be used in the event of a natural disaster.

Who gets involved?

Basically, this is perhaps the most audacious proposal of his entire report. An extraordinary idea, off the beaten track, which no longer only challenges government authorities, but also calls for popular mobilization.

The big question that arises: who signs? Are the Quebecers of 2022 still likely to roll up their sleeves and engage in civic service that would be called upon in the event of a crisis? On the encouraging side, the "I Contribute" initiative yielded good results during the worst of the pandemic.

On the other hand, we are used to thinking that any such contribution will have to be accompanied by advantageous clauses, bonuses and surcharges to provoke mobilization. Above all, we must be very careful not to set foot in a union flower bed.

Grief !

Political memory: I will long remember the reception my idea had received of mobilizing retired teachers to support students in the face of the school dropout crisis. Union outcry! The fear of being robbed of jobs or hours has taken over the interest of children. Such an idea should be negotiated...

Then, do I need to remind you of the chore of the parents of San Sebastian who had wanted to repaint their local school? The notions of drudgery, solidarity and commitment have been replaced in Quebec by statism.

Faced with a problem, do not have the reflex to roll up your sleeves. Look first in the documents of the ministry. If you dig deep, you'll find that someone in the machine is supposed to take care of the problem eventually. One day.

Decades of this diet may have made us lose the habit of drudgery. There is a civic sense to rebuild. This idea of ​​voluntary emergency civic service is excellent. Soon, we should follow up.