The weather week in a quick check: storms spoil the summery May

At the weekend, high temperatures already lure one or the other to the beach.

The weather week in a quick check: storms spoil the summery May

At the weekend, high temperatures already lure one or the other to the beach. From Monday there is a threat of thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail in large parts of Germany, warns ntv weather expert Björn Alexander. In between, the sun shines at record temperatures.

Our weekend summer high "Xenophon" is now slowly getting tinder from the gravure department over Western Europe and the Atlantic. With "Astrid" and "Bora" we hit two lows at the turn of the week. At the same time, the air becomes more humid and therefore muggy. A good load of energy, which will cause sometimes heavy showers and thunderstorms with the potential for severe weather from the night and especially on Monday during the day from the south-west. Sometimes there is a risk of heavy rain, hail and gusts of wind. Local flooding is also conceivable.

But if you think that it was then again with the May summer, you are wrong. First of all, even after the cracking start to the week, it remains warm and summery and the 30 degree mark repeatedly wobbles. We will probably experience the high point on Friday, when we can expect the hottest day of the year so far with peaks of up to 32 degrees. The weekend will then probably be much less hot. A cooling that should again be accompanied by a high potential for severe weather. Of course, it's still too early for the details.

In this respect, we can expect an exciting, but unfortunately explosive weather week, which could even bring a complete change in the weather situation in the end. Some of the weather computers see a rather cool and even quite wet development for the last third of May - that would definitely help nature and the water balance. Here are the details until then.

Monday night: lunar eclipse and first thunderstorms

It often remains loosened up to clear. A great scenery for the full moon, which even turns into a total lunar eclipse in the early morning hours. A heavenly spectacle, which unfortunately has a less than ideal timing for us. Because while the sun rises early on Monday morning and the moon slowly sets, the earth's satellite moves into the earth's shadow and is slowly being nibbled on. It initially turns reddish in color before disappearing completely behind the horizon shortly after 6 a.m. A look should definitely be worthwhile, but could fall victim to the clouds, especially in the south-west. The first thunderstorms are already brewing between the Eifel, the Black Forest, Lake Constance and the Allgäu in the second half of the night. It is mild overall at 15 to 7 degrees.

Monday: Storm with heavy rain, hail, squalls

In the early morning, individual rain showers spread from southern North Rhine-Westphalia to the Alps, interspersed locally with thunder and lightning. Otherwise the day will start out sunny at times. In the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms will become more numerous and more intense and will reach the Elbe by evening. There are local storms with squalls, hail and heavy rain. Only northeast of the Elbe does it continue friendly and dry until the evening. Maximum values: in Berlin and Brandenburg and in the direction of Lausitz 27 to 30 degrees. In the rest of the country it will be a muggy 23 to 27 degrees. It is less warm at the lake and at the edge of the Alps at 20 to 23 degrees.

Tuesday: Thunderstorms in the east

In the eastern half, heavy showers and thunderstorms are on the way and only subside in the evening. In the meantime, however, it is getting nicer and dry again in the west with intermittent sunshine. In addition 18 to 23, in the southwest half 24 to 28 degrees.

Wednesday: Trouble-free and summery warm

The thunderstorms are over and accordingly the only completely dry day of the weather week awaits us. It is early summer to summery warm with mostly 20 to 28, in Breisgau up to 30 degrees.

Thursday: Sun first, then increasingly thundery

Thursday has two faces - at least in the western parts of the country. Because after a sunny start, the next season of thunderstorms is expected to report from France and Benelux from midday in the west. In addition, the temperatures reach 25 to 31 degrees, at the sea 20 to 23 degrees. It is increasingly muggy and warm, preferably before the thunderstorms.

Friday: Temperatures are in top form again

Even if the details are still uncertain, it currently seems as if the summer wants to really pick up again. With 30 to 32 degrees in the southwest, it could be the warmest day of the year so far. Otherwise, with a mix of sun and clouds, we can expect occasional showers and thunderstorms as well as peak values ​​of 20 to 29 degrees.

Weather at the weekend: thunderstorms and noticeably cooler

Saturday is mixed - sometimes with sun, sometimes with heavy showers and thunderstorms with the potential for severe weather. In addition, with an increasing west wind it will be noticeably cooler with 16 to 24, in Lusatia and in the south-east of Bavaria with up to 26 degrees. On Sunday it is expected to drop further at 15 to 22 degrees. We have to be prepared for changeable showers. A trend that could stay with us even in the last days of May 2022. Even soaking wet western weather conditions are included in the forecasts of the weather computer - at least we could put the topic of dryness aside for the time being.


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