The PP refuses to review the inviolability of the King and ask the emeritus for explanations

MADRID, 21 May.

The PP refuses to review the inviolability of the King and ask the emeritus for explanations


The PP has reaffirmed its refusal to review the figure of the inviolability of the King, one of the reasons put forward by the Prosecutor's Office to file the investigations related to Juan Carlos I. "You must not enter into sterile controversies", defended the deputy 'popular', José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro, for whom the king emeritus "does not have to give explanations" about his behavior, as required by the PSOE.

In an interview with Radio Nacional, collected by Europa Press, the also president of the Defense Commission of the Congress has charged against those who "take advantage of any circumstance to weaken the monarchical institution" and has underlined that this figure was introduced in the Constitution when considering that, as head of state, the king should have "a special protected status" and "stay out of political controversy."

From his point of view, it must be assumed "normally" that Felipe VI's father was received with "great affection" upon his arrival in Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), on his first visit to Spain after almost two years residing in Abu Dhabi .

"He is a Spanish citizen without any pending cause, it must be seen as normal that he can be in Spain," he said, while he has valued his "legacy" as head of state. "He deserves respect and appreciation; he is a determining figure for the defense of democracy and that should not be forgotten," he added.

Regarding the insistence of the socialists in demanding "explanations" from the emeritus king, Bermúdez de Castro has refused to enter to "analyze or judge" issues that, from his point of view, "are part of the private sphere" of Juan Carlos de Borbón .

"Others have already done it by shelving the cases and retiring himself from public life. He does not have to give explanations, he will give them if he wants and if not, no; he has no pending cause," he argued.

In addition, he stressed that the institution is now embodied by Felipe VI who, in his opinion, is doing it "in an exemplary manner, with full efficiency and great wisdom." In this context, he stressed that the King has assumed the "standards of other royal houses" in terms of transparency and the Court of Auditors will be able to "supervise their income and expenses."


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