The moment has come

For many years, Espanyol has lived excessively in the complacency of saving the season.

The moment has come

For many years, Espanyol has lived excessively in the complacency of saving the season. It is our great evil and it is also endemic. It may be that with the dismissals of Rufete and Vicente Moreno they want to change this custom. It is evident that this will want to sell the management of the club. But there have been several seasons, if not most, and since long before Chen Yansheng arrived, that as soon as the team has been in a comfortable position in the classification halfway through the season, instead of looking up they have loosened the candles. And that drags the fan to laziness. A person who follows a team wants to experience emotions through it. And for this reason anyone who does not find a reward for paying the card or for moving to Cornellà-El Prat, is very likely to move away from the feeling. It is much better to be with the sword of Damocles of descent to save you at the last minute than to live in limbo. Saving yourself at the last minute generates communion among the followers since you end up experiencing emotions in abundance.

In Valdano's magnificent interview with Ancelotti, the coach indicates that there are two types of presidents, the business president and the amateur president. And Carlo surprisingly indicates that he likes fans. The Italian sees in Florentino Pérez an amateur president. And he says it because a president who is an amateur does not have to be financially irresponsible and instead his passion allows him to lead from day to day demands. On the other hand, a business president can establish many good things, but he will hardly live day to day with the passion necessary to be a true leader and that is where all possibilities for growth vanish.

Perhaps this is the last season where we will see if Chen really should be our president. He has been and is a great president because leadership was necessary for the economic settlement. But now a sports leadership is needed that has not existed for many years. Nor in the direction, where we are left with the doubt of where Durán could have taken us. There has also been no leadership from the position of coach and few players, if not almost none, have wanted or been able to take on this role. That is why Chen must finally show, this next season, if he really is a true fan. Otherwise we will end up remembering that business phrase that says that everyone rises to the position for which he is not good. Let's keep the faith and I have to eat my words.