The mayor takes a rest on the ground of his opponent

The mayor of Laurentians was already cited for 13 alleged violations of his code. He was apparently caught on video urinating on the ground of one

The mayor takes a rest on the ground of his opponent

Francois Ghali is the mayor of Wentworth-Nord in this video, which was shot by a surveillance camera installed in the garden of Andre Cliche, municipal councilor.

He first appears to be arriving in a car before making his way into the garden for relief. The ground is covered in splashes. He immediately left with his car.

"This is another act intimidation," stated the city councilor who witnessed this incivility.

Andre Cliche has decided to leave politics after four difficult years. "I have one goal. Let it stop [...].. It's unacceptable and goes too far.

Our Bureau of Inquiry revealed tensions between the mayor of the city and the councilor on Friday's TV program J.E. on TVA.

A portion of a meeting of the municipal council in April 2021 shows that the mayor Ghali raised his voice with Mr. Cliche: "When you ask you to be orderly, you must all remain silent. Is that not clear? [...] Mr. [...] Mr.

Treisteen breaches were alleged

A dossier that was published on our pages Saturday also included the mayor. It is being targeted by 13 alleged ethical violations filed by the Commission municipale du Quebec.

He allegedly made the entrance to his home cleared and levelled on multiple occasions by employees from his municipality. Additionally, he authorized Wentworth-Nord's general manager to move furniture for his daughter by two municipal employees using a municipal vehicle. .

In another instance, the Commission municipale du Quebec accuses him in a case of participating in discussions regarding his case at the CMQ during a municipal Council meeting.

Mayor Ghali was not available to answer the phone when he reached him yesterday to discuss his Sunday visit to Councilor's Garden.

The candidate for municipal elections in November 7th stated, "I don't comment on that kind of information."

Andre Cliche, for his part, filed a complaint at the Surete du Quebec.

Marc Tessier, SQ sergeant, confirmed that a case had been opened on October 24, and said that no additional information would be released.