The Madrid Gospel Choir sings against Alzheimer's

In Spain, nearly 1 million people suffer from Alzheimer's, a disease whose treatment accounts for 1.

The Madrid Gospel Choir sings against Alzheimer's

In Spain, nearly 1 million people suffer from Alzheimer's, a disease whose treatment accounts for 1.5% of the gross domestic product and which year after year increases both the number of patients and the costs associated with this pathology. Those affected are not limited to patients suffering from the disease, but also family members and caregivers.

AFADEMA is an association of relatives and people affected by Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative dementias that, with the aim of offering this accompaniment and support for the investigation of these ailments, organizes a solidarity concert thanks to the selfless involvement of the Madrid Gospel Choir, next June 4 at 7:00 p.m.

As for the place, this solidarity action brings together all the necessary ingredients to make it a unique moment: anyone interested can attend both physically at the emblematic Salesian College San Juan Bautista, as well as follow it in the Metaverse, through Altspace VR, the virtual reality social platform from Microsoft.

Tickets can be requested through the page:

All those who decide to attend will enjoy a 'Mass Choir' concert offered by the 45 members of the Madrid Gospel Choir, already known for their performances in places such as the Royal Theater, the Academy of Fine Arts or the Calderón Theater, among others. . For the immersive experience in Altspace VR, Geneticai - technological partner of the event - has created different rooms so that anyone can attend and also listen to the concert from this new environment. All interested parties who purchase this type of ticket will receive an email with access information after purchase.

The AFADEMA solidarity concert has the collaboration of the Olga Marset School of Communication, in addition to the sponsorship of the entities Allianz Partners, a leading company in Insurance and Assistance, Entreprise, the largest provider of mobility and vehicle rental in the world, and ISEP , Higher Institute of Psychological Studies.

«We are all aware of the multiple needs that families have when a disease such as Alzheimer's appears. From AFADEMA we call on the general public to support us by attending our concert or in the way that each one can. For us, Alzheimer's is the disease of the mind that needs a heart”, says Concepción Arjona, president of AFADEMA. For his part, Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners, states: “Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative diseases, unfortunately, are diseases that move us all. Research is very important, but also offering advice and support to families and caregivers, which is possible thanks to the work of associations such as AFADEMA. We at Allianz Partners are very proud to contribute to this cause, closely linked to our line of action around caring for people. We can all contribute, in addition to enjoying the great concert that the Madrid Gospel Choir will offer». Renzo Roncal, general director of Enterprise Holdings in Spain, points out: “At Enterprise we have a firm social commitment to the communities in which we operate. For this reason, we are always attentive and willing to help in initiatives as rewarding as the solidarity concert of the Madrid Gospel Choir together with Allianz Partners and AFADEMA. On this occasion, moreover, with such an innovative aspect as the possibility of living it in the Metaverse. It is a great satisfaction to support Alzheimer's research and accompany the families of patients, which will help generate positive and lasting changes in their lives, a priority both inside and outside our company.