The lobster roll is serious business!

It is an emblem of Quebec.

The lobster roll is serious business!

It is an emblem of Quebec. It is often imitated, but never served and garnished with so much love.

Each bite is the perfect combination of hot and cold, crunchy and chewy, rich and fresh... It should be juicy, leave buttery marks on your fingers, and most importantly, it shouldn't be elegant. to taste.

Because, yes, the lobster roll is serious business!

Here are some restaurants where you can get your hands on this national pride.

The story that began in Amos in the early 1970s was given a second wind in 2014 in the Little Italy district, to our delight! The one who saw her parents drive the first Harricana ship does a fine honor to her origins not only with several pieces of furniture, but by pairing her essential lobster roll with Blanche d'Amos beer, brewed by herself. Could this be the duo of the summer?


► 95 Jean-Talon Street West, Montreal

It would be foolish to settle in one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Montreal just for the lobster roll (still containing 1⁄2 lobster per serving). If this remains an absolutely judicious choice when the season is in full swing – especially accompanied by the very famous coleslaw and matchstick fries –, we do not hesitate to prolong the pleasure with the tomato cream which did not flinch on the menu since 1938, or go for 100% lobster with the bisque. At this point, the glass of Chablis is highly recommended.


► 275 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal

The hidden wine bar in the Mile-End district gracefully pays tribute to Quebec lobster with a roll that stands out from the others on the market. The chef advocates the purity of the product, drawing inspiration from the way it is served in Connecticut: hot lobster and clarified butter only! "More lobster, less flafla," he can be heard saying.

To drink, we are far from remaining on our thirst with an Olympic caliber sommelier who will always know how to find the perfect bottle!

► (opening scheduled for the end of May)

► 5439 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal (access by the alley)

Fish tacos, fish and chips, imperial lobster rolls, cod burger, seafood spaghetti, lobster roll: at the Fisherman's Shack, you literally dive into the sea! Enjoy this brioche hot dog bun - and lightly toasted - filled with pieces of fresh Gaspésie lobster, fresh celery and fresh herbs, all coated with a light mayonnaise either in "express" mode in Bromont, or accompanied by a small glass of rosé wine at the La Prairie or Boucherville branches.


► 1119 boulevard Taschereau, La Prairie

► 1052 rue Lionel-Daunais, Boucherville

► 10 Bromont Boulevard, Bromont (Shack "Express")


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