"The Lion's Den": Low in calories and high in protein - but do the Veprosa sauces from DHDL taste good too?

North of the Elbe, in gray Hamburg, I regularly become a short-term Italian.

"The Lion's Den": Low in calories and high in protein - but do the Veprosa sauces from DHDL taste good too?

North of the Elbe, in gray Hamburg, I regularly become a short-term Italian. Whenever I conjure up Italian pasta dishes with a lot of love and hectic and praise my culinary art with a "Bellissima". Unfortunately, "la dolce vita" is only short-lived when I notice from the fit of my pants that it was probably too much of a good thing. Because pasta dishes are not known for being particularly low in calories. DHDL participants Dominik and Alissa Kübler want to change that. With protein-rich and low-calorie sauces, the bad conscience should give way. "As a nutritionist, I know that sauces are super delicious, but they're also often the unhealthiest part of a meal," says Alissa. "So we just turn the tables and make the sauce the star of the dish." Their product is called Veprosa.

Veprosa contains two vegetable protein sources: namely rice protein and the proteins of sweet lupine. The sauces are supplemented with dried herbs and spices. The sauce powder consists of 100 percent plant-based ingredients - so it's vegan. It's also soy-free, gluten-free, and free from artificial flavors and added sugars. Veprosa comes in four different varieties: tomato, light sauce, green pesto and yellow curry. A highlight: the preparation of the sauces is even faster than cooking the noodles - namely in three minutes.

The sauces come in 250 gram bags. Alternatively, there are also smaller portion sizes consisting of 50 gram sachets. The larger packs come with a resealable opening. The content stays fresh for longer. To prepare the sauce, simply mix the desired amount of powder with water and bring to a boil. Once the sauce has reached the desired consistency, it is ready. A single serving contains 25 grams of powder stirred into 160 ml of water. Plant-based drinks can also be used instead of water for a creamier consistency.

Tomato sauce is undoubtedly an all-rounder. It goes well with pasta, lasagne and pizza. In my case, I tested the sauce on spelled pasta - after all, the dishes should be healthy alternatives. There was nothing wrong with the taste. However, I could have let off steam creatively. Since I mixed the sauce with the noodles, the dish was a bit boring for my taste. Next time I'll add veggies or meat to spice up the sauce.

I'm a big pesto fan. The oily sauces with lots of garlic and herbs are exactly what I like. Up to now I bought small pesto jars, from which I then took two to three teaspoons each time. The rest then perished in the fridge. Because pesto must be eaten within three days of opening the jar. The delicious sauce in the form of powder, which you can easily mix in the desired amount, is therefore quite practical. And not only that, it tastes good too!

A delicious curry in just three minutes? Thanks to Veprosa this is now possible. The "Yellow Curry" variety is probably the spiciest. If you are a fan of Asian dishes, the powder will support you in a high-protein and low-calorie way. My tip: Fry the peppers, chicken and pineapple, add the sauce and serve with rice. Restaurants can pack up!

I love light sauces with a creamy consistency. That's why this variety from Veprosa was my absolute highlight. Again, I recommend adding some filler. Mushrooms or other mushrooms are perfect. In addition to pasta and spaghetti, the sauce also goes well with rice or casseroles and meat.

I'm excited. The sauces are not only accompanied by a good conscience when eating, but are also really tasty. The powder allows the desired amount to be optimally dosed without having to dispose of entire pesto jars at the end. The four varieties are very different and offer room for creative interludes. I will definitely use Veprosa again!

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