The latest WHO report confirms Pedro Cavadas' warning about coronavirus vaccines

"The coronavirus pandemic is far from over.

The latest WHO report confirms Pedro Cavadas' warning about coronavirus vaccines

"The coronavirus pandemic is far from over." The conclusion of the 75th World Health Assembly held in Geneva has confirmed the most pessimistic prognosis of Dr. Pedro Cavadas on Covid-19 vaccines. The Valencian doctor predicted in October 2020 that the vaccination process against the coronavirus would generate inequalities between countries and the poor and would complicate the eradication of the pandemic.

Pedro Cavadas, included in the select Forbes list of the best doctors in the world, predicted that coronavirus vaccines would take "several years" to reach the entire world population. The surgeon, who has been carrying out his humanitarian work in Africa since 2003, spoke with knowledge of the facts. Thus, he predicted that poor countries would be left out of the initial distribution of doses to immunize their inhabitants against Covid-19.

The latest data updated by the World Health Organization (WHO) corroborate Pedro Cavadas' thesis. In fact, despite the fact that sixty percent of the world's population is already vaccinated, the supply of doses has been asymmetric. In this regard, in his address to the 75th World Health Assembly, the Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, specified that only 57 countries -most of them high or medium-high income- have vaccinated seventy percent of their population. On the other hand, as Pedro Cavadas warned, close to a billion people in low-income countries have not yet received the immunization.

Pedro Cavadas altruistically cares for patients with serious pathologies to patients without resources from countries such as Kenya and Tanzania and learns about the health deficiencies in Africa, where many governments also opted for the denial position and rejected vaccines to stop the coronavirus.

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In this line, the latest balance of the WHO warns of the increase in deaths registered in Africa, the continent with the lowest rate of vaccination against covid. Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus warned last week that "this is not the time to lower our guard", since greater transmission of the virus means more deaths and a greater risk of new variants emerging, as has happened in Spain, where some epidemiologists like Margarita del Val warn of the risk of new waves of contagion.

In this regard, the head of the WHO denounced that in some countries the political commitment to implement vaccines to protect their inhabitants against the coronavirus pandemic is still insufficient and that there are still gaps in operational and financial capacities. Two circumstances that Pedro Cavadas warned of when not a single dose of the covid vaccine had yet been injected in the world. The Valencian surgeon warned of the difficulties in ending the pandemic. Today, countries like China or North Korea confirm that diagnosis and are enacting severe confinements to try to stop the spread of covid.

A year and a half after that prediction by the Spanish doctor, reported coronavirus cases are increasing in seventy countries around the world after a few months of marked reduction in deaths and infections, according to data from the WHO, which also warns that "we are blind to the evolution of the virus” due to the decrease in testing and sequencing in all countries.

In this context, the WHO also regrets that "we continue to perceive doubts among the population about vaccines, due to misinformation or misinformation, in general terms." In this regard, Pedro Cavadas, one of the voices that has earned prestige for his correct forecasts about the coronavirus, has launched harsh messages towards deniers in recent months and has publicly recommended vaccination beyond the possible adverse effects. that can carry