The first group purchase of home insurance from Selectra and Families of France awarded to Luko

The verdict is in.

The first group purchase of home insurance from Selectra and Families of France awarded to Luko

The verdict is in. The Selectra comparator and the Families of France association will announce, this Wednesday morning, the big winner of the call for tenders launched as part of the first group purchase of home insurance at the national level. And it was Luko, leader of neo-insurers, who won the bet for this operation, which consisted of bringing together as many interested individuals as possible – more than 10,000 pre-registered – in order to obtain the highest possible discount from insurers. .

“It is online insurance but not low-cost insurance, specifies Luka Payras, head of the insurance division at Selectra, who specifies that three companies have come forward. This is the lowest price with the most extensive warranties. Concretely, Luko thus offers 3 months free on the contract – in return for a one-year commitment – ​​i.e. a 25% discount on the price for the first year. “It is quite rare to have this kind of promotion from an insurer for a single product offer, which only concerns the subscription of a contract, in this case housing”, analyzes Luka Payras.

Three months free the first year

Two formulas are available whatever the profile: owner, tenant, non-occupant owner of a house or apartment, whether it is the main dwelling or the secondary residence. The “legal minimum” offer for small budgets with the legally required guarantees (water damage, fire, etc.) and standard compensation ceilings. And the “Peace of Mind” offer, a premium formula which also includes guarantees against theft and acts of vandalism, glass breakage, electrical damage. This formula includes a very complete Assistance pack, which covers in particular the extermination of pests and locksmith repairs up to 300 euros.

With the "Mind in peace" formula, an owner of a 6-room house and 150 m2 in Brittany will pay 24 euros monthly (with a deductible of 225 euros). A very competitive price and the 3 months offered will represent a saving of 72 euros the first year. “What made the difference was the fact that Luko offered in-house customer service and claims management based in France,” continues Luka Payras of Selectra.

In the next three weeks, the approximately 10,000 pre-registered individuals will receive their personalized insurance offer and will be able to choose whether or not to subscribe to this proposal. But they will not be the only ones to benefit from this offer since it is open to all, subject to going through the Selectra website.