The Elecnor board approves the payment of a total dividend of 0.35 euros for the 2021 financial year, 6.5% more

MADRID, 19 May.

The Elecnor board approves the payment of a total dividend of 0.35 euros for the 2021 financial year, 6.5% more


Elecnor's general meeting of shareholders approved the distribution of a total dividend per share of 0.35 euros to be paid in cash, corresponding to the 2021 financial year, 6.5% more than that distributed the previous year, the company reported.

Of this amount, 0.059 euros per title were already distributed on account last December. Thus, on June 1, the remaining 0.293 euros will be paid as a complementary payment.

In his speech before the shareholders, the president of the group, Jaime Real de Asúa, highlighted that, since 2017, the company has increased the dividend by 23%. "Growth and financial strength are reflected in shareholder returns. Dividend yield was 3.1% in 2021, as in the previous year," he said.

Thus, Real de Asúa highlighted that, "even in the current uncertain macro scenario", this remuneration to shareholders represents an increase of 6.5% with respect to the dividend distributed against 2020 and a 'payout' of 36% on the result corresponding to 2021.

The group's shareholders also approved by a large majority the accounts for 2021, as well as all the items proposed on the agenda.

In this way, Jaime Real de Asúa (proprietary director); Ignacio María Prado Rey-Baltar (proprietary director); Miguel María Cervera Earle (proprietary director); Juan Ignacio Landecho Sarabia (proprietary director); Miguel Morenés Giles (proprietary director); Rafael Prado Aranguren (proprietary director) and Irene Hernández Álvarez (independent director). Likewise, the appointment of Francisca Ortega Hernández-Agero as independent director has been approved.

Likewise, the shareholders authorized the board of directors to issue fixed-income securities for a term of five years, as well as to acquire the company's own shares or those of the controlled companies, also for a term of five years.

Looking ahead to this year, the Elecnor group plans to continue on the path of growth in its results in 2022, as it has been doing year after year for the last decade.

In this sense, and during the reading of his speech before the group's shareholders, the company's CEO, Rafael Martín de Bustamante, stated that Elecnor has "a hopeful future".

"The current global trends that mark the roadmap for recovery and structural transformation to achieve a more sustainable and resilient development, place the Elecnor group in a privileged position. We are immersed in a profound economic, social and environmental change marked by the promotion of sustainability, electrification, energy efficiency, the deployment of renewable energies, the acceleration of digitization and connectivity, and the comprehensive provision of urban services," he said.

The board of also gave its approval to the re-election for one year of KPMG as auditor of accounts of the company and its group and the election of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for the years 2023, 2024 and 2025.

Likewise, the directors' remuneration policy for the years 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 and the modification of various aspects of the directors' remuneration system were approved by the shareholders.


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