The discount sentences the dream of the rise of Portugalete

Hard blow for Portugalete.

The discount sentences the dream of the rise of Portugalete

Hard blow for Portugalete. Beasain snatched away his dream of qualifying for the national final for promotion to Second RFEF. In addition, the vagonero team left the jarrilleros on the road in the most painful way: with a goal in stoppage time that knocked down the Portuguese team by surprise (2-1). Therefore, it will be the Gipuzkoans who will fight for a place in that higher category, in the national final that will take place in Madrid. What is definitive is that no Biscayan will ascend this season to that fourth national step.

Aketza González and Igor Gordobil made it clear from the beginning that they did not want any type of experiment in a date like this and there was only one change in each of the elevens compared to their last match, in the semifinal of this play-off. The meeting started with a lot of rhythm. The great atmosphere that was lived in the main stand of Zubieta, with both fans dedicated to cheering on their team, moved to the field of play and you could feel that there were many revolutions.

In this way, during the first bars, there was no clear dominator. The ball passed from one team to another in a short time, as they quickly tried to find the opposite goal. The first clear chance of danger did not come until the first quarter of an hour had passed. An error in Morcillo's ball exit led to Aitor Lorea taking the ball on the edge of the area and being able to put together the shot, which skimmed the left post.

Beasain's high pressure began to wreak havoc on the pitchers to get the ball played and they suffered several losses in the vicinity of their own area. That was how the first goal of the Gipuzkoans came. The pressure had an effect on them again, they took possession of the leather and, with a combination play at the first touch, Pita gave the last pass to Cristian Sanz so that he could finish off at will and put his team ahead in the 18th minute. A hard blow for the Portugalete, who would have to row against the current to pass the round.

The reaction was immediate on the part of the Portuguese, who immediately enjoyed several corner kicks. As a result of one of them, Sergio García was about to equalize the contest again with a left-footed shot that hit the rival defense and went high. Beasain stopped pushing so hard up front and Portugalete felt more and more comfortable. His effort was rewarded at 36 minutes. Sergio García sent a low cross into the box from the left and found Kevin Calle at the far post, who leveled the scoreboard.

After the break, Portugalete exercised greater control of the game, while the vagonero team tried to surprise their rival with quick transitions. In the 55th minute, Claver was able to put his team ahead again in a counterattack, but Ibon González avoided it with a good save. The second half was much warmer than the first. A script that benefited Beasain, which could be the cause of the wear and tear of the players due to the accumulation of minutes and the heat in Zubieta.

Everything seemed destined to go into overtime. In fact, Aketza González himself already had two substitutions ready to be made at the start of it. However, at that moment, the vagoneros sentenced the tie with a goal in the minutes of injury time that caught the Portuguese team completely by surprise. Aitor Lorea advanced down the left wing until he reached the side of the area and provided a good pass for Eizagirre to score the goal that meant his team qualified for the national final to be played in Madrid. A hard blow from which Portugalete could not get up.


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