The controversial tweeter and polyglot born to be a good-natured person

Juan Garcia-Gallardo Frings (Burgos 1991) is the first to do something.

The controversial tweeter and polyglot born to be a good-natured person

Juan Garcia-Gallardo Frings (Burgos 1991) is the first to do something. In the history of the Autonomous Community, he is the youngest candidate to be President of the Board. He is also the least experienced. He made the leap into politics nine months ago, in Juni 2021. His motivation was "political unrest" and the period of restriction caused by the pandemic.

This decision was a surrender to a Law-based destiny. He described it as "an absolute change of life" on the same election night he enjoyed the honeys of victory. Although it is easy to make a mistake, Garcia-Gallardo in Castilla y Leon would be the Spanish equivalent of Garrigues Walker in Spain. Juan Manuel Garcia-Gallardo, his grandfather, founded the firm in 1957. It is still in operation. However, it was his father of the same name who helped to make it mature and has offices in Burgos, Madrid's Castellana, and Madrid. It also has a large client list. After obtaining a loan of 35 million euros for his companies, Jose Manuel Arribas was acquitted last week of economic crimes.

Jose Manuel Fernandez Santiago was the former president of the Regional Courts. He had to testify about either the 'Gurtel plot' or the Ruiz Mateos families, for which they have won no less than ten acquittal fails.

Today's Vox representative has a Diploma in International Legal Studies and a Law degree from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. He also obtained a double Master's degree in Access to Legal Profession and Business Law from Icade-Deusto. His mother and two sisters, the only male of four children in his family, are dedicated to Law.

The young lawyer was an experienced member of leading law firms like King before joining the Madrid family office.

He can speak English and German and is also fluent in acceptable French. He's a skilled communicator and debater. He won several regional competitions, and was invited to take part in the 2008 world Spanish discussion championship. He received the Leadership and Civic Commitment award from CEU San Pablo University.

But, he has displayed a discrete profile of phrases that he repeats Vox's orthodoxy, without leaving or a comma, since his attempt to take on the alternative at a rally at the Plaza Universidad de Valladolid, and with 'witnesses,' such as OrtegaSmith or Santiago Abascal.

His inexperience in politics was a trick. He has been reviewing his digital footprint. He was particularly prolific in his homophobic, racist and sexist tweets in 2011. Some of his tweets are about soccer, "that sport filled with fagots," while others talk about feminism, which is ridiculous. This is even more true if you're not a woman>>. And in some cases, black immigrants whose "breath scents from six metres away" are also mentioned. It all comes down to twenty-one sins, he said.

Juan Garcia-Gallardo enjoys horse riding in his spare time. He describes himself as a "hobby around house", and has won contests in Castilla y Leon.

He shares this 'hobby" with his girlfriend, a Mallorcan advisor. He owes his uncle Enrique, his cousins, and the people he rides with. Vox has a deep connection to bullfighting. He was 18 when a friend took him to Las Ventas, Madrid, to see it.