"The Bachelor": Two women go voluntarily

"The Bachelor" (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.

"The Bachelor": Two women go voluntarily

"The Bachelor" (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL ) suddenly has to struggle with the loss of women: In the new episode, two acknowledge their participation in the dating show. Another woman triggers real feelings in David Jackson (32).

David is hoping for a lot from the single date with Yolanda (26): "I had high expectations for this single date, probably higher than for any other person." He wants to see more than the tough Yolanda, who doesn't reveal anything about herself. "It's a privilege," she explains to him while he's eating. After a walk on the beach, villa, pool and under a blanket on the couch, the ice seems broken. "I have a much better feeling about you now," says David. At the end there is a premature rose and a kiss on the cheek.

Then finally a woman comes into play who triggers real feelings in David: his twin sister Charlene. The two can hug for the first time in a year, which brings tears to the bachelor's eyes.

During the subsequent group date with Alyssa (36), Jetty (25), Xenia (30), Tami (29), Rebecca (28) and Angelina (28), the surprise guest speaks to almost all women individually. For the chosen ones on the group date, this is of course "an honor". But not everyone feels ready for this meeting. Tamara: "That was awesome. Not necessarily blatantly positive. Because you don't know the person so well and then getting to know your sister directly is blatant."

The sister's favorites are Angelina and Rebecca. David is obviously happy about Angelina's name - with her he is the furthest along. Nevertheless, he gives his sister's intuition a chance and invites Rebecca on a date. There is a lot of crackling between the two - until Rebecca tries everything to get out of the situation of a possible kiss. She appears to be protecting her lips with the champagne glass, resulting in a slight buzz and no kiss. "There wasn't much missing - but what isn't can still be," said David, slightly irritated after the farewell. Rebecca also wonders what actually happened: "Man Rebecca, the vibe was there!"

On the morning before the night of the roses, last week's cliffhanger is finally resolved. Alyssa then claimed that one of the women was only in the villa to become a bachelorette herself. Apparently Chiara (26) was meant, who is now quite annoyed at the breakfast table: "I applied to the Bachelorette two years ago, I wasn't accepted there." She also explains that she made no secret of it: "You can all talk about me as you want, but please with things that are true."

The night of the roses continues in a similarly exciting manner: First, Giovanna (27) announces to the bachelor that she wants to leave the show. Then Colleen (27) has to make it clear again that she is not the one who is on the show for the "wrong" reasons. Then Tami also starts to say goodbye, which in turn brings tears to Chiara's eyes. After that, David has to drink first: "Does anyone want to tell me something else? I'm happy about every woman who is still here voluntarily!"

He then carries Rebecca, who has an injured foot, out of sight in his arms and asks her what was missing from their date. "A kiss..." she replies hesitantly. Her shyness doesn't stand a chance this time though, because David just drank tequila and has to compensate for two lost women. So there is a strangely cramped kiss, a premature rose and a happy Rebecca: "A real dream man!"

Despite leaving voluntarily, David still sends one home: Colleen. Apparently she couldn't convince him that she was on the show for him and not for more Instagram followers. Or as David puts it: "We had distance between us and if the spark doesn't fly, then it doesn't fly - you can't choose that."