The 10 tricks of the OCU to save when buying food

According to the OCU, with the current levels of inflation (8.

The 10 tricks of the OCU to save when buying food

According to the OCU, with the current levels of inflation (8.3% in April after the maximum of 9.8% in March), Spanish households will spend this year about 500 euros more than last year only on the purchase of food . Faced with this increase in the price of basic products, consumers have no recourse but to plan. And that requires a certain discipline; you have to organize weekly (or even monthly) menus, go shopping more often and spend more time cooking. For those who haven't yet, the Organization of Consumers and Users offers some tips for beginners.

at the butcher shop

-Substitute noble cuts of meat such as entrecote or steaks for pieces of meat to stew and prepare them in stews with sauce.

-And since you start cooking, bet on those whose main ingredient is vegetables, legumes, rice or potatoes. The meat does not have to be the base of the dish, it can be one more ingredient.

-Buy whole pieces. If instead of breast fillets on one side and thighs on the other, you buy the whole chicken and ask them to prepare it for you, it comes out cheaper and you take advantage of everything.

-Eggs have risen in price, but they are still a cheap and very complete protein from a nutritional point of view. Count with them.

In the fish market

-Look for seasonal fish that is at a better price.

-Also resort to frozen foods, both fish and shellfish. They are quality and cheaper.

Fruits and vegetables

-Remember that a balanced and healthy diet includes legumes three times a week and that with chickpeas, beans or lentils you can not only prepare winter dishes. Search the Internet if you lack imagination to prepare all kinds of salads.

-As with fish, choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. Buy what is cheapest at the greengrocer at all times, be flexible.

-Choose the pieces of small caliber. They are less showy and, therefore, are usually cheaper.

about to expire

-More and more supermarkets put some products on sale at the end of the day. They are usually about to expire or start to spoil so you have to hurry to consume them, but if you go shopping in the afternoon it is worth taking a look.

Other classics could be added to these tips, such as planning the following menus, making use of what we already have in the fridge, freezer and pantry and giving white brands a chance.


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