Tenga Egg: sex toys for men: tips for more fun alone

"Respect for those who do it themselves" – this is the slogan used by a German hardware store to attract ambitious do-it-yourselfers.

Tenga Egg: sex toys for men: tips for more fun alone

"Respect for those who do it themselves" – this is the slogan used by a German hardware store to attract ambitious do-it-yourselfers. But without the right tools, no one can lend a hand in their own home. Why should it be any different in love, after all we know best what is good for us. But as is the case with sex toys, masturbators have an (unnecessarily) bad image.

"Pocket pussy" is the equally common, unsightly and sexist term that most people associate with male sex toys. The original representatives of this genus are modeled on the vulva. Their owners prefer to stow them away in a drawer, and very few couples use them for lovemaking. If the Japanese manufacturer Tenga has its way, that should change.

"New Adult Concept" is the company's motto. It wants to pull the desire for love in connection with the right toy out of the dirty corner. This culture becomes clear in Tenga's marketing strategy: similar to RedBull, the company sponsors extreme athletes in order to establish itself as a lifestyle brand.

And that also includes the modern design of the products. Tenga Eggs don't look like a sex toy at all, on the contrary. Their presentation fits seamlessly into a modern home decoration. If you don't know what the eggs are, you need a lot of imagination to guess their true purpose.

The eggs may look small, but inside is a very elastic material. According to the manufacturer, they are therefore suitable for any penis size. The selection is huge: Tenga has a total of 14 eggs on offer, which are divided into two categories: "Six Colors" and "Hard Boiled" - the latter stands for more intense sensations.

The individual eggs have brilliant names such as "Crater", "Thunder", "Twister" or "Misty". Every egg looks different from the outside. But the inside is more exciting: Inside there is always a lubricating gel and of course the filling made of odorless, stretchy material. "Wavy" is wavy on the inside, "Crater" has crater-shaped nubs and "Cool" has a cooling lubricant. "Lover" is particularly suitable for couples. Its material is transparent and the knobs are heart-shaped - perfect for a special kind of Easter surprise.

The individual Tenga Eggs at a glance:


Small pyramids

Amazon.de | Misty


rib structure

Amazon.de | Silky


wedge-shaped elements

Amorelie.de | Stepper


Elastic wave pattern

Amorelie.de | Twister


mesh structure

Amorelie.de | Spider


Different sized bumps

Amorelie.de | Clicker


Wavy ribs in layers

Amorelie.de | Wavy


Lightning Edges

Amorelie.de | Thunder


Pearl and stimulating groove structure

Amorelie.de | Surfer

Cool Edition

Wavy with cooling lubricant

Amorelie.de | Cool Edition

If you are looking for an exciting gift for Easter, you can buy several eggs in a package. It's a little cheaper than buying each product individually. The presentation should be familiar to most people from the supermarket. The only question left is whether you go for the hard-boiled eggs or the standard version.

Forgive the adolescent humor, but anyone who has ever zipped around the block on a hand moped will also be able to operate the Tenga Egg. Accordingly, there is little to say. The egg opens with a twist. The inside can be removed, in the middle is the lubricating gel, which is put to use before the actual jaunt.

Then the protein - if you want to call it that - finds its place on the glans. It's extremely stretchy. Whether you stimulate the penis completely or just the glans with the masturbator is up to you. By the way: The material does not require plasticizers. Although these are disposable products, the eggs should be easy to clean and can be used several times.

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