Ten facts about Stella Assange: ex-lawyer, WikiLeaks founder's wife

His family is against apartheid </p> Stella Morris was born in South Africa to an anti-apartheid activist family.

Ten facts about Stella Assange: ex-lawyer, WikiLeaks founder's wife

His family is against apartheid

Stella Morris was born in South Africa to an anti-apartheid activist family. Her parents are 2 years old when she is subject to an interrogation that aims intimidation. She draws her energy from the memories of her politicized childhood.

The Dirty Deal

She joined Julian Assange's defense group, which was led by Baltasar Garzon, a former Spanish anti-corruption judge. The young Oxford graduate is fluent in Strinberg's language. She is responsible for the investigation of the scandal that erupted in Sweden surrounding WikiLeaks founder WikiLeaks. This includes allegations of rape, and sexual assault. "It was obvious that the Swedish part had been instrumentalized right from the beginning," she said to Marie-Claire last year. She regretted that the case was closed in 2019, which prevented the release of evidence that would have proven the journalist's innocence.

Loft story

After four years of uninterrupted dialogue and meeting at the Ecuadorian Embassy London, Assange found refuge, the lawyer fell in love with her client. Stella is a "romantic" relationship. Romantic, one might add. Four cameras watched Julian Assange throughout the day so that they could settle down in a small tent.

First child

Julian discovers about his partner's first child through a piece paper Stella gives him. The father of Gabriel was able to attend the birth via video conference in May 2017. Stella's friend, Stella, accompany the baby as she enters the Embassy. Stella claims that he is the father of the child.


The lawyer was alerted by an embassy guard in the fall 2018 that the US wanted to steal a diaper. Why? A DNA sample was taken to confirm that Julian Assange is the father.


Stella Morris, one year after the journalist was taken manumili to Belmarsh (London) high security prison and placed in solitary confinement for health reasons connected to the pandemic, asked for his release in April 2020. She is forced to reveal their relationship and the birth of Max, her second child, on this occasion. "We're going see dad in big house", this is the story of a mother telling her children to not scare them too much.

Vivienne Westwood

Max and Gabriel were present for their parents' hilarious wedding at "the big house" March 23rd. The ceremony was small and only four people were present. Two witnesses were also present. Supporters outside Belmarsh Jail dressed elegantly for the big day. British designer VivienneWestwood was very passionate about Assange's defense. He created a kilt to be worn by the groom to refer to his Scottish heritage, while Stella wore a silver gown with a long veil and the words free, relentlessly, valiant to be worn by Stella ("free, determined ")...").

A declaration of love, resilience

Stella Assange, an American journalist, wrote that "This isn't a prison wedding. This is a declaration love and resilience despite prison wall, despite political persecution and despite the harm and harassment suffered by Julian and our families." Stella Assange published her opinion in The Guardian, a British daily that relays calls to his release.


Stella Assange can trust the UN Special Rapporteur for Torture Nils Malzer's conclusions. He found a grave injustice against the backdrop of serious judicial irregularities by the United States, Sweden, and Great Britain after three years of investigations. He denounces "persecution" in "The Trial of Julian Assange", a book to be published in French in September.

Around her

Stella Assange doesn't have to be alone. All over the globe, support is available. Emir Kusturica (director in Serbia), Yanis Varoufakis, ex-minister of finance in Greece, Noam Chomsky, Ai Weiwei, Yolande Moreau (actress from Belgium), Roger Waters (member, Pink Floyd), or Yolande Waters (actress, Belgium), and for France, Denis Robert. Isabelle Alonso, Benoit Delpine, David Dufresne. The lawyer William Bourdon, or Cedric Villani, took the leader of parliamentary group against extradition. Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders support the organization. International Federation of Journalists also supports the organization.

Stella Assange couldn't fly to France for the annual Glieres Plateau whistleblower meeting due to last-minute circumstances. Then, she offered to join the debate via telephone with the assistance of a translator.