Taxes 2022: what to check, complete, what's new... Our guide to declaring your income

The countdown has begun.

Taxes 2022: what to check, complete, what's new... Our guide to declaring your income

The countdown has begun. Dear taxpayers, you have a few days to fulfill your obligations vis-à-vis the tax authorities. For the die-hards of the paper declaration, those who do not have access to the Internet or the ability to use digital tools, the deadline is finally set for Tuesday, May 31 at midnight. Initially announced for May 19, the deadline has been pushed back due to delays in sending pre-filled forms.

All the others, obliged to declare online, have a few extra days since the deadline varies according to the departments: May 24, May 31 and even June 8 for the luckiest.

Please note: if you declare your income late, the amount of your tax will be increased. From 10% up to 40% when the declaration has not been filed within 30 days of receipt of the formal notice. A penalty to which may be added late payment interest!

To help you fulfill your obligation as well as possible, Le Parisien has concocted a special file for you. First, we tell you in detail, depending on the situation, what to declare or verify. Just to avoid making a mistake and risking a tax adjustment later. You are also told what to deduct so as not to pay more than what you owe to the State.

Tips for declaring actual expenses

We also help you make the right choice regarding the costs related to your professional activity. Because the exceptional revaluation of 10% of the mileage scale reshuffles the cards. It is becoming more attractive for a certain number of taxpayers not to use the 10% standard deduction this year and to opt for the declaration of actual costs.

We also took stock of the other – small – novelties of this year, such as the tax credit for the installation of an electric car charging station. Several measures linked to the Covid crisis have also been extended, such as the costs linked to teleworking or the exemption from the "Macron bonus". Finally, we wondered what all these sites that offer you tax optimization were worth. Are they reliable? Are there any pitfalls? Do they really save money? We bring you the answers.

Happy reading and, we promise, next year we will help you once again to complete your declaration.


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