Tasty alternative: Vegan is monotonous? These Easter treats prove otherwise

Avoiding animal ingredients is a conscious decision.

Tasty alternative: Vegan is monotonous? These Easter treats prove otherwise

Avoiding animal ingredients is a conscious decision. Vegan people want to reduce animal suffering and protect the environment by not supporting the consumption of milk, meat or honey. While it was often difficult to find vegan alternatives to the classics in recent years, things are looking better in 2022. There are even vegan creations for Easter that are in no way inferior to the conventional version with milk. They are not boring or monotonous, on the contrary, the selection is getting larger and more diverse every year. Ten ideas for inspiration.

Conventional chocolate usually relies on the addition of milk. Vegan products use plant-based alternatives, popular among them: almond, rice, or oat milk. If it is fruit gums or liquorice, the vegan version must not contain any gelatine, nor should the snack be coated with beeswax. Instead, vegetable apple pectin is usually used as a gelling agent.

Without a doubt, the chocolate Easter bunny is the classic in the nest. The Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt is offering a vegan version this year. The snack replaces animal ingredients with oat drink and almond pulp.

Nougat is creamy and melts tenderly when eaten. This is why these vegan nougat pralines made from creamy, subtly bitter hazelnut paste and vanilla extract are ideal for connoisseurs.

The mix of sweet and salty offers variety for the palate. This vegan chocolate surprises with salty and sweet corn and popcorn bits. The basis is a milk alternative made from oats (called oat drink).

Attention Risk of confusion: Although a cow is shown on the packaging, there is no animal product in the caramel candies. Instead, the vegan caramel candies are based on coconut milk and cocoa butter.

After the chocolate Easter bunny, Easter eggs are certainly also among the classics at Easter. Of course there is also a vegan version. These vegan Easter eggs are a cocoa product with oat drink powder, almond paste and filled with hazelnut oat cream.

If you are fed up with the Easter bunny, you might like this vegan chocolate Easter chicken. Organic chocolate couverture (56 percent cocoa content) and dark chocolate were used for the chicken. All ingredients are purely vegetable.

Old hand, new coat of paint: This vegan chocolate bunny is white and based on almond semolina and cocoa butter.

Colorful chocolate lentils are a visual eye-catcher in the Easter nest and provide color. The candy is organic, vegan, palm oil-free and comes in plastic-free packaging in a jar.

This vegan chocolate bar could have the right bite. The Swiss chocolate is based on rice drink and hazelnuts.

Small Easter eggs are a delicious snack, but this golden and vegan XL Easter egg is a real eye-catcher. The vegan chocolate is gluten-free and nut-free (also peanut-free), lactose-free and egg-free.

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