"Summer House of the Stars": After disappointment, Cosimo just wants to leave

Signs of dissolution in the "summer house of the stars".

"Summer House of the Stars": After disappointment, Cosimo just wants to leave

Signs of dissolution in the "summer house of the stars". In the eighth episode of ten (Sunday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL, also on RTL), the couples from the first hour are on the gums. Especially with Mario Basler (53) there is not much going on. The ex-soccer player and season senior has back pain. "Grandpa just sits there with the electric blanket," says Patrick Romer (26). As an athlete, grandpa Mario knows his body. And he whispers to him: "It doesn't work anymore." Mario and Doris Büld (52) move out at the beginning of the episode.

For Patrick, his "grandfather" is no longer the most important person to relate to. The "Bauer sucht Frau" star and girlfriend Antonia Hemmer (22) are now approaching Mario's archenemy Stephen Dürr (48) and his wife Katharina (39). Otherwise, the only candidates from episode one are Cosimo Citiolo (40) and Nathalie Gaus (31). And they get along very well with the latecomer couples Christina Grass (33)/Marco Cerullo (33) and Diogo Sangre (27)/Vanessa Mariposa (29). Patrick and Antonia can't do much with the newly moved in dating show plants. "Should we talk to them about nipple piercings?" It says. Although Mario Basler didn't skimp on sex anecdotes and lewdness either...

Stephen Dürr, the eldest in the summer house after Mario and Doris moved out, is also showing signs of failure. Just before the first game he gets stomach cramps. That's why the otherwise stoic actor bursts into tears. After a break, he and Katharina start. The couples have to complete a parkour on bicycles tied together. Christina and Marco win. The successors are not only safe, but can also withdraw the nomination protection from a couple that has already been secured. They choose Antonia/Patrick and not Vanessa/Diogo. The polarization between the established and newcomers is coming to a head.

In game two, only the three couples from the first hour have to: Antonia/Patrick, Stephen/Katharina, Cosimo/Nathalie. The men have to use a hand drill to destroy balloons through a wall. They are guided by their partners on the other side of the wall. Patrick and Antonia are once again the fastest. You're reclaiming your nomination protection. Patrick switches to megalomania mode: "If I exist again, I'll be gay."

Three out of five couples are now certain, only Katharina/Stephen and Nathalie/Cosimo are available. The vote is clear. Four votes against Stephen (and not against Katharina, as many candidates emphasize). Naturally, Stephen's vote goes to Cosimo and Nathalie.

But you guessed it, that wasn't it yet. The two couples on the hit list have to face each other in an exit challenge in the next episode. You could have saved yourself the election procedure.

Cosimo, so far the most peaceful and likeable candidate in the house, turns off completely because of the actually expected development. The entertainer, who thought he was already in the next round, only broods dullly. The disappointment triggers something in him. It reminds him of his school days and his whole life, where he was always hit for being too nice. What this has to do with the exit challenge is only partially clear.

Cosimo definitely doesn't feel like it anymore. He threatens to withdraw. If necessary, he lets the fee fly, he doesn't want the "dirty money". "Fuck the career, f*** the career" declares the completely unleashed singer. Nathalie tries to change her boyfriend's mind. With success? One does not know. In any case, Cosimo does not appear in the preview of the next episode.

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