Summary of Plus belle la vie episode 4543 of May 18, 2022


Summary of Plus belle la vie episode 4543 of May 18, 2022

MORE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. In episode 4543 of More beautiful life from Wednesday May 18, 2022, Ariane and Lombard find the serial killer in Croatia. Summary.

In episode 4543 of Plus belle la vie on May 18, Camille was bitten by a snake and Kevin has no choice but to suck the poison. Exhausted, Camille fainted. A little later, Kevin manages to give her something to drink so she doesn't get dehydrated. He tells her that he doesn't want to lose her and asks her to hold on. In Marseille, the concern is at its maximum: Laetitia comes to see Emma to tell him that Kevin has disappeared. She falls into his arms and cries: she doesn't want to lose her only son. While Kevin has moved away from Camille to get a drink, Jacob comes to reveal the rest of the plan to Camille. When Kevin returns, he is surprised to see Camille already on her feet and they set off again.

In parallel, still in the episode of More beautiful life of May 18, at the police station, the police managed to locate the place where Jacob could be, The prosecutor gives them the green light to leave for Croatia. Ariane and Lombard arrive on the spot: they find their contact and leave directly for the mountain. They arrive at the old barn with the firm intention of arresting Jacob. But the latter sees the reflection of their binoculars from afar and seems to run away. When they arrive at the hideout, the investigators think they have missed their catch. But outside, Ariane falls on Jacob and takes aim at him. As she fires a bullet into the air, Jacob lunges at her and strangles her. Mathieu arrives at just the right moment and shoots him in the back. Ariane finally breathes and Jacob lies on his back. Is he dead ?

Finally, in the episode of PBLV broadcast on France 3 on Wednesday, May 18, Betty wakes up at Léa's. She treats her wound to the cheek and the young girl explains to her that this is not the first time that this has happened. She offers to call her parents and go to the police station to file a complaint. For her part, Lola wants to know why her brother hit Betty. She no longer recognizes him. Léa tries to call Betty's parents who are not panicking. The whole Boher family then agrees to keep Betty at home. In the street, Kilian finds Noé who tells him that he risks being lynched in high school. But Kilian has only one thing in mind: to see Betty. Noé confronts Kilian and dissociates himself. In a street in Marseille, Kilian sends a message to Betty who does not answer. He sees her behind a building door and tries to talk to her, apologizes, asks her to forgive him and promises her that it won't happen again. Léa comes to the door in his place and advises the young man to be followed because violence is not love. Kilian walks away.