Summary of More beautiful life episode 4545 of May 20, 2022


Summary of More beautiful life episode 4545 of May 20, 2022

MORE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. In episode 4545 of Plus belle la vie on Friday, May 20, 2022, against all odds, Jacob comes out of a coma. Summary

In episode 4545 of Plus belle la vie on May 20, now that Kevin and Camille have returned safely to Marseille, the police must question them. Kevin is quickly freed and he tells Emma that Camille bluffed him, she saved his life, but he is a little lost regarding his feelings for her. For their part, the investigators find it strange that two of Jacob's victims could have escaped at the same time. In order to determine if Camille is the victim or the accomplice of the killer, she is placed in police custody. But it is impossible for them to see clearly in his game, only Jacob could give them the answer, if he ever comes out of the coma... At the same time, Jacob opens his eyes in his hospital bed.

Also in the episode of Plus belle la vie of May 20, Betty finally agrees to file a complaint against Kylian. At the police station, Ariane explains to him that if all the battered women lodged a complaint, the violent men would think twice before striking. For their part, Thomas and Gabriel ask Kylian for an explanation and understand that he did not realize the seriousness of his gesture. Nothing justifies the violence and he will have to consult a shrink. Mad with rage, Kylian is convinced that no one understands him.

Finally, in the episode of PBLV broadcast on Friday May 20 on France 3, after their crazy evening, Émilie and Romain wake up together. Surprised, Romain joins Sylvia who explains to him that she preferred to let them coo. They agree on the fact that it does not work between them and that it is better to stop there. They leave each other gently and will remain friends, Romain thinks that she is a great girl and Sylvia recognizes that thanks to him, her confidence has skyrocketed. But nothing says that the handsome doctor will start a relationship with Émilie, who is very touched to learn that Kevin narrowly escaped a serial killer.


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