Studies: Audi Activesphere Concept: Quartet game of the rings

Audi has already shown three future studies from its Sphere family.

Studies: Audi Activesphere Concept: Quartet game of the rings

Audi has already shown three future studies from its Sphere family. All visionary and not as a direct forerunner for a special vehicle that should come soon, but rather with a lot of view into the day after tomorrow. The situation is similar with the fourth in the group, the Audi Activesphere Concept. A crossover that, based on the platform of the coming A6 / A7 generation, gives a glimpse of whether you couldn't be a little braver. It is less and operating concept, 800 volt charging network and autonomous driving, in which instruments and steering wheel are almost forgotten. Despite the design line of a luxury class coupé with four doors, the 4.97 meter long Audi Activesphere Concept can be transformed into an unusual pick-up of the future at the touch of a button. Not only the US fans of the Ingolstadt brand with the four rings, Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado dream of being able to turn their noses soon. The study was created in the rooms of the Audi design center in Malibu, California. "The Activesphere is unique," emphasizes studio head Gael Buzyn, "it represents a new form of crossover that cleverly combines the elegance of an Audi Sportback, the versatility of an SUV and real off-road capabilities."

As if by magic, the loading space of the electric all-wheel drive vehicle transforms into an open loading area, while the passenger compartment remains protected by an extendable partition. Behind it, larger leisure items such as mountain bikes or wakeboards can be accommodated in the fastening rails for entertaining weekend activities. Thanks to the electric all-wheel drive and the ground clearance, which can be increased from almost 21 to 25 centimeters at the front and rear via the variable air suspension of the five-link axles, the study of the Audi Activesphere Concept is at least imaginarily locally emission-free over forest paths to the starting point of mountain bike or hiking tour. The electric range of the all-wheel drive crossover should be more than 600 kilometers with battery technology and drive from the PPE modular system before the next charging stop comes. The two electric motors on the front and rear axles deliver 325 kW / 442 hp and a maximum torque of an enormous 720 Nm.

Inside, the concept model offers four individual seats and a cockpit that extends at the touch of a button, including minimal instruments and a steering wheel. The driver does not look at the large displays behind the wheel or in the windshield as usual, but puts on high-tech glasses that project any information inside the vehicle. If you go on a bike tour, the so-called mixed reality glasses are worn further and are used for communication or navigation in open terrain. In autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel, dashboard and pedals move into the background and the occupants can enjoy the generous space and even look into the area in front of the car through a hatch in the front end.