Society: BSW opposes “creeping militarization”

The Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht (BSW) warns of a “creeping militarization” of society.

Society: BSW opposes “creeping militarization”

The Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht (BSW) warns of a “creeping militarization” of society. The Saxon party leader Sabine Zimmermann accused the federal government on Tuesday of spreading general fear among the population and making war rhetoric socially acceptable again. “We in Saxony in particular are consistently opposed to the idea that our country should become more militaristic step by step, even in people’s minds,” Zimmermann told the German Press Agency in Dresden. The current debate shows “how necessary a new party is in the peace-seeking middle of society.”

The background to Zimmermann's statements are statements by Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP). She saw schools as having a responsibility to prepare young people for war in the face of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine - for example in the form of civil defense exercises. She also called on schools to develop a “relaxed relationship with the Bundeswehr”.

Culture Minister Christian Piwarz (CDU) categorically rejects the proposal for civil defense exercises in schools. “Children and young people are already confronted with the crises and conflicts of our time in schools, so there is no need for a call for military studies 2.0,” he said on Monday when asked.

"The initiative brings back unpleasant memories of the Cold War, in which school children, for example, had to learn to hide under the table in the event of a nuclear weapon attack. Such exercises cause fear and are not a child-friendly approach to the educational challenge of educating young people on issues of war and... "To raise awareness of peace," emphasized Left education expert Luise Neuhaus-Wartenberg. Schools should not educate people about war skills, but rather convey the value of peace and democracy.

The Free Voters in Saxony expressed themselves “horrified” by Stark-Watzinger’s proposal. "There is no need for military defense exercises or politicized teaching units on the current conflict in Ukraine. Then the American war of aggression against Iraq, which violates international law, would also have to be discussed, which is still the cause of escape and triggers flows of refugees to this day," emphasized FW country chief Thomas Weidinger. School should not be a place where militaristic tendencies are encouraged, especially during times of international tension.

The Saxon FDP contradicted: "Anyone who equates civil defense with military knowledge was not paying attention in the GDR and apparently spent most of his training as a reserve officer looking out the window," replied FDP leading candidate Robert Malorny. Civil defense classes teach how civilians can protect themselves and their fellow human beings against threats to life and limb in the event of war or disaster. "School is not a shelter from the unpleasant things in this world, but rather a preparation for life."