Soccer. France team: Benzema, Mbappe, scrutinized reunion

Karim Benzema, the European champion with Real Madrid was just crowned.

Soccer. France team: Benzema, Mbappe, scrutinized reunion

Karim Benzema, the European champion with Real Madrid was just crowned. He joined the French team along with Kylian Mbappe at Clairefontaine. This reunion was inevitably much commented upon after the Bondynois' decision to remain at Paris SG despite being called from Madrid.

After celebrating his fifth C1 title at Madrid on Sunday, "KB9", his French partners, who have gathered since Saturday at the Yvelines training centre before the Ligue des nations, will be expecting him to arrive in the evening.

Mbappe will likely give the Madrid striker explanations upon his arrival at the castle. He has been a formidable duo with the Blues this year with Mbappe. After long delays, "Kyky"'s decision to reject Real's advances to PSG to 2025 has changed the course of a good relationship.

"I would like him to realize his dream and be able play at Real Madrid with me. You have to respect him now that he has chosen PSG. He is young and has a lot of him so it's his decision. Benzema on Mbappe's extension

Like many Madrid players, the Madrid player reacted to the "non transfer of the century" by recalling Real and posting an Instagram photo with his finger pointed in the direction to his team's logo.

The second image featured Tupac Shakur and one of his friends who were suspected to be linked to his assassination. Enough for the Spanish media to consider it a spade to the Parisian on an alleged act of treason.

"When we meet, we will talk about it. He will ask me why and I'll answer it. He wanted me to be there, so I will," Mbappe said in an interview May 23. He acknowledged that he had not exchanged information with Benzema about his future.

"People thought that we were discussing Real in selection, but we weren't talking about Real," said the Frenchman of 23 years, dismissing the idea of a close-knit reflection. Benzema played appeasement with his teammate in Sunday's Blues attack on Telefoot.

@FredCalenge - This will not impact your friendship or life in Blues Benzema: "No, never. We are friends."

"I wish he could realize his dream of playing at Real Madrid and being with me. The No. 19 Blues, stating that he would "take pleasure" playing with Mbappe during selection. "We are good friends. It won't affect the relationship."

The photo of Tupac is not a story about betrayal or a love story. My Instagram has 10 to 15 photos of Tupac. He is my favorite (artist). He said it on Spanish TV's El Chiringuito that it has nothing to do football.

Under the supervision of Didier Deschamps (for whom the "main thing" is the unity of all the players in the tricolor attack), the two strong men from the tricolor attack will have to accept a limited association to rare international gatherings over the next months.

The Basque technician stated that "from my position as coach I have the players living and I know from Z to A what is happening." "We can all draw conclusions from any situation. It is often a clumsiness or a misinterpretation that doesn't reflect reality.

According to a France source, Mbappe was seen as "a facilitator" for Benzema returning to the national team last year after five years absence. However, the June gathering will allow us to assess again the footballing complementarity between the two men with four matches on the programme.