Sleep and play zone: More than just a scratching post: modern playgrounds for active cats

A cat prefers rough surfaces to trim its claws.

Sleep and play zone: More than just a scratching post: modern playgrounds for active cats

A cat prefers rough surfaces to trim its claws. So that it doesn't scratch your walls or furniture, you should offer your pet a sensible alternative such as a scratching post. It has the advantage that it not only offers your house tiger sufficient opportunities for claw care - it also serves cats as a playground, viewing platform and retreat. However, before you decide to buy one, you should know the most important criteria that a scratching post has to meet. This article summarizes what these are. We also present various models.

StabilityA scratching post should stand firmly on the ground so that one or more cats can easily play on it - without it wobbling or even falling over. This is made possible by a stable base or other attachment options on walls and ceilings.

Altitude cats love to observe their surroundings. Therefore, the scratching post should have a minimum height of one meter. The scratching post, on the other hand, i.e. a surface lined with sisal for clipping the claws, should be at least 80 centimeters high - since many house tigers prefer to stand on their hind legs when grooming their claws or simply like to stretch.

LocationSince house tigers like to be close to their owners, the scratching post should be set up in one of the rooms where you spend most of your time (during the day), for example the living room. Best near the window, as cats like to sit in front of it and look outside. However, be careful that your pet does not get too close to the window and could jump out of the open window.

MaterialsWhen buying a scratching post, make sure that it is made of natural materials that are as non-toxic as possible (e.g. cardboard, sisal and wood). In addition, the model should have been well processed so that no dangerous screws or nail heads can injure your pet.

VarietySo that your cat feels completely comfortable on the scratching post, it should offer your pet as much variety as possible. In addition to one or more scratching posts and viewing platforms, caves and hammocks provide even more incentives that house tigers jump on without freedom.

Last but not least, the age of the cat is also an important criterion that should be taken into account when buying a scratching post: young kittens may be extremely agile, but they lack the necessary climbing and balancing experience. Older house tigers, on the other hand, can develop joint problems over time and are grateful for a few steps on the scratching post.

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1. Scratching post with steps

The rabbitgoo model is only 99 centimeters high and is therefore particularly suitable for small apartments or older cats that are no longer so agile - or suffer from arthrosis in the joints. The integrated ladder is designed to make it easier for the animal to access the first floor. In addition to the two viewing platforms, the scratching post also has a cave as an additional retreat and two hammocks. The model is made of particle wood, sisal and faux fur fabric.

2. Scratching post with hammock

The "rabbitgoo" scratching post measures 67 x 50 x 156 centimeters and is available in three colours: dark grey, light gray and beige. According to the manufacturer, it consists of P2 particle wood, sisal and a faux fur fabric. In addition to three observation platforms for observation, the model includes a den for sleeping, a hammock and cradle for lounging, and a furry ball for play. There is also a small ladder for the first floor.

3. Scratching post with tunnels

You can go even higher with the "Merlin" scratching post by Silvio (by Otto). According to the manufacturer, the model is 1.68 meters high and contains a ladder, two tunnels, two sunbathing areas, two lying platforms and a cave. The frame was covered with sisal and a plush cover (made of 100 percent polyester), so cats can sharpen their claws on it, but also find a peaceful place to sleep and retreat.

4. Scratching post with ceiling attachment

By far the tallest model in this round of introductions is the scratching post from "Pippa

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