Skin care: Why moisturizing creams are suitable for sensitive and dry skin

Dry and sensitive skin has special requirements.

Skin care: Why moisturizing creams are suitable for sensitive and dry skin

Dry and sensitive skin has special requirements. Care products should provide plenty of moisture and have a long-lasting effect. Moisturizing creams can therefore be ideal for dry and sensitive skin types because they protect the skin from drying out. Those affected by skin diseases such as neurodermatitis often resort to moisturizing creams. If you suffer from such a disease, it is advisable to coordinate treatment with a dermatologist. In addition to creams, there are other products, such as moisturizing sheep's milk soap. You can find out here how moisturizing creams work and what creams are available.

Moisturizing cream is intended to protect the skin from drying out. Therefore, moisturizing care products use skin-caring, greasy or moisture-binding substances that strengthen the skin's natural protective acid mantle. This is intended to prevent skin irritations and dry skin.

You can apply a moisturizing cream to your dry skin as needed; if you have chronic skin diseases, repeated cream application may be necessary. If you suffer from a skin disease, always speak to a dermatologist and determine a suitable treatment together.

There are moisturizing care products for the whole body. You will find face creams, hand creams and also moisturizing lip balm. You can find a selection of different brands that produce moisturizing products below.

"Linola Creme"

Oil-in-water emulsions are suitable for caring for rough skin areas. This could be, for example, a "Linola cream", which provides a lot of moisture thanks to a higher water content. It can also have a slightly cooling effect.


A fatty ointment like “Sana Cutan” also has a moisturizing effect. The ointment is said to be suitable for the care of very dry skin as well as for the treatment of acute weeping skin diseases. The most important ingredients of the ointment are petroleum jelly and paraffin, so the risk of allergic skin irritation is said to be lower than with products with many ingredients.

"La Roche Posay Lipikar"

The “Lipikar” care series from “La Roche Posay” was developed for those affected by neurodermatitis as well as for sensitive and dry skin types. There are different products - from facial care for very dry skin to extremely dry skin and neurodermatitis. Ingredients like niacinamide are said to actively fight itching and help repair and restore the skin's protective barrier. Shea butter and canola oil are also said to replenish the lipid balance and make the skin more supple.

"Eucerin Atopy Control"

The “Eucerin Atopi Control” care contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are intended to strengthen dry, cracked skin. The soothing active ingredient Licochalcone A is moisturizing and is intended to soothe irritated skin, smooth rough skin and reduce feelings of tension. The same applies to redness, which should also decrease thanks to care. All products in the "Atopi Control" series contain no parabens, fragrances or dyes to minimize the risk of skin irritation and allergies.

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