She kills her neighbor in Zaragoza 21 years after murdering a French tourist in Madrid

Adil L.

She kills her neighbor in Zaragoza 21 years after murdering a French tourist in Madrid

Adil L., 45, has done it again. On Monday night the National Police arrested him in Zaragoza and transferred him, wounded, to the Miguel Servet hospital. He had just stabbed to death his 32-year-old neighbor Cristina G., on Alegría Street. The woman asked for help, but when the emergencies came she was already dead. She had a knife stuck in her abdomen. She has not yet transpired if they had any kind of romantic relationship or if the 45-year-old individual of Moroccan origin acted for another reason.

The alleged murderer had been wanted since January 2020 when he did not return to the Zuera prison after a permit from the Prison Surveillance judge, prison sources confirmed to ABC.

He was serving a 21-year sentence for killing another woman in 2001 in Madrid. The search for violation of sentence had not been successful since she did not return to jail.

Adil L. may be a woman killer with a sexual motive. He has spent 19 years behind bars, but has returned to commit a crime that seems to follow a pattern. The victim and the aggressor shared a landing on the first floor of number 8 Calle Alegría de Zaragoza. One of the hypotheses is that Cristina refused to have sex with him, who was also seriously injured and remains in hospital under police custody.

Almost 21 years ago, on June 6, 2001, he stabbed to death Siham B., a 24-year-old French woman who was sightseeing in Madrid with a friend. The two, of Moroccan origin, decided to go out for drinks in the city. They met the Spaniard Manuel O. and the Moroccan Adil L., 24, with whom they ended the night on the first floor, on Hierbabuena street in the Tetuán district.

At eight in the morning, the screams of Siham, who was in a room with Adil, alerted the other couple. They found the girl's bloodied body on the bed, covered in blood. Of Adil there was no trace. The young woman died half an hour later. She had eight stab wounds to the chest and back. Minutes later, the murderer turned himself in at the Francos Rodríguez street police station, as reported by ABC at the time. He was in his underwear and refused to testify before the agents. He had drunk excessively, like the rest of his companions.

At the entrance to the apartment, on top of a sideboard, the Police found the murder weapon: a kitchen knife with a 20-centimetre bent blade and a splintered wooden handle, which gives an idea of ​​the violent attack. Everything indicated that the woman had refused to have sexual relations with him. Adil lived in Barcelona with his parents. He was passing through the city and was spending the night at the house of several friends. He had no priors. Neighbors commented that they all looked like students.

He entered prison and was sentenced to 21 years for murder. During the permit in January 2020, when he was already serving the last stretch of his sentence, he did not return to prison. And so far no one had been able to find it. He has done it again. The boss of a woman who resists and he kills her. He has not yet been able to take a statement.