Sexsomnia: Authority claims woman has insomnia - and drops rape charges

In the spring of 2017, the then 24-year-old Jade M.

Sexsomnia: Authority claims woman has insomnia - and drops rape charges

In the spring of 2017, the then 24-year-old Jade M. is said to have woken up half-naked on a couch in London and immediately suspected that she had been raped in her sleep. However, shortly before the case went to court, it was dropped. The reason: investigative authorities claim that Jade M. would have a rare sleep disorder called "sexsomnia".

In 2017, Jade reportedly went out with a friend in south London, according to media reports. At some point her friend ordered a taxi to go home. But Jade wanted to have a nightcap with a few friends – and went with them to a friend's apartment. There she is said to have fallen asleep fully clothed under a blanket. When she woke up she was probably lying on top of a man without pants and with her bra open. She immediately had the feeling that she had just had intercourse, she later described. She immediately asked the man what had happened and what he had done. He replied to her question that he thought she was awake. He then immediately ran out of the apartment and even left the door open. Jade called her friend, who dialed 911.

Police escorted Jade for forensic testing and, following a vaginal swab, discovered semen that was later traced to a man. When the police interrogated him, he made no statement. Jade, on the other hand, casually told investigators that she's always been a deep sleeper and that she used to sleepwalk as a teenager.

In 2020, the suspect who allegedly raped her should be brought to justice. But it never came to that. Three days before the trial, the investigating authorities told her that her case would be closed and that the accused would be acquitted.

Sleep experts had told authorities that Jade M. had sexsomnia. It is a medically recognized sleep disorder in which people engage in sexual activity while sleeping.

Jade had the court files sent to her and was shocked at how the sleep experts could form a judgment without ever having met them in person. The woman filed a complaint and an independent chief prosecutor reviewed her case. He concluded that their case should have gone to court and that the opinions of the sleep experts and the defendant's account should have been challenged.

In an apology, the chief prosecutor wrote that he can't imagine what Jade M. must have been through or how she feels. During his review, he noticed the devastating effects on the woman and can only apologize for his authority. Though that's probably no consolation for her.

Because the man who allegedly raped her has been officially found not guilty, he cannot be tried again in this case without new evidence. Jade M. now wants to sue the investigative authorities for damages so that other women do not have to make such experiences.

Sources: BBC

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