Severe weather: relaxation in flood areas in Bavaria and Austria

The weather situation in Bavaria and Austria is relaxing.

Severe weather: relaxation in flood areas in Bavaria and Austria

The weather situation in Bavaria and Austria is relaxing. In Passau, for example, streets were still under water, but in many places the water levels were already falling.

In the south of Bavaria, the clean-up in the areas hit hard by hail meanwhile continued. Hailstones the size of tennis balls smashed windows at the weekend, and roofs and cars were partially completely destroyed. Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) visited the region on Tuesday - and announced help.

"We don't leave anyone alone," said Söder in Benediktbeuern, where he got an idea of ​​the destruction. According to initial estimates by Versicherungskammer Bayern, the damage is in the mid to high double-digit million range. It was a "bad event," said the Prime Minister.

Damage to the roofs

The cabinet has decided that hail events will be included in the emergency relief programs. "In this way, state aid can be used in the event of damage that threatens the existence of the company. We are also expanding the funding program for the restoration of municipal infrastructure," said Söder. He then visited Bad Bayersoien, which was also massively affected. According to Mayor Gisela Kieweg, around 370 of around 400 houses in the village have roof damage. Some roofs are completely destroyed.

The flood news service (HND) expected continuous rain and overflowing on the Danube and on the rivers south of it on Tuesday. In parts, warning level 3 is to be expected, said a spokesman for the HND. However, the highest warning level 4 is probably not.

In Passau, the level of the Danube exceeded reporting level 3 on Tuesday, but the increase leveled off by the morning. The Danube and Inn flooded streets, meadows and a playground. Local residents protected their homes with sandbags.

Relaxation also in Austria

The flood situation eased not only in southern Germany, but also in Austria. According to the authorities, many water levels dropped and the rain stopped. The civil defense warnings for two regions in Tyrol have been lifted. Almost all communities in the Ötztal could be reached by car again, but not yet the main town of Sölden at the end of the valley. Nobody was injured in the flood. Some of the water levels were at a level not seen in decades, fields were flooded, and in the Zillertal the Ziller carried enormous masses of water.

Despite the slight relaxation, the German Weather Service continued to warn of continuous rain in southern and western Bavaria. In the vicinity of the Alps, amounts of precipitation between 30 and 50 liters per square meter were expected. There will be isolated showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday as well. From Thursday and Friday it should be sunny and warmer again - and the risk of flooding will continue to decrease.