Sergio Perez "says goodbye" to Pvo with great gratitude The ejido

In the vicinity of Pvo, the waiting continues.

Sergio Perez "says goodbye" to Pvo with great gratitude The ejido

In the vicinity of Pvo, the waiting continues. El Ejido is still waiting to discover who will become the new coach for the team. According to reports, he is still the first candidate for the sky-blue bench in the second stage of his candidacy. The delay in concluding the agreement is a problem.

Sergio Perez, a winger who was released and will be playing for another team next year, is the one who has it all. He is currently working on other projects at the club, such as highlighting the fact that today marks the end of the campaign to renew subscriptions for the last championship with the same prices, and a gift.

The official communication about the next Pvo.El Ejido coach is still in progress, but the first "movements" of the components of last season's first league team are now known.

Sergio Perez was one of them. He wore the light-blue shirt during the past two seasons and performed well. After playing for UD Almeria B in Cadiz B, he came to Santo Domingo to join the club. He was promoted to the Second Division B with UD Almeria B. He shared his deep affection for the Sevillian footballer on Twitter: "The day to say farewell to the club that made me so happy over the two years I have worn the lightblue." He also expressed his gratitude to Pvo's followers.

El Ejido means "from the first to last, to all our fans and especially to those who have been there for us always." You are unique no matter where you may be. To all my friends, colleagues, and members of the coaching staff. The memory of last year was recalled in his farewell. He said that although it was a great season, it did not reflect our souls and the hard work that went into saving the category. Nobody is going to take that away. You now have a lighter-blue follower, and I'm certain Poli will return to the category he deserves sooner than you think. Always lots of Poli. He concluded with a hug from the heart

You can find the latest news from the Pvo in another section. El Ejido also includes information about the season ticket sales campaign. The campaign's first segment is for subscribers from the past. They will receive the new Nike brand shirt, which was designed and manufactured by Nike, along with the price maintenance.

Although the campaign has received a satisfactory response, with students and young people receiving slightly more renewals than others, the campaign ends today, Tuesday, the 31st. The general season ticket will cost 100 euro for all those who renew their commitment. This is the same price as the previous League. The pensioner subscription will be 80 euros and the student and young person will cost 50 euro.

From Tuesday, the day subscription renewal started, members can renew at the club office between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., or from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. via the link below.

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