Sergio Moreno: «My level is much higher than what I am giving»

It has probably cost him more than even he himself expected to fit into Amorebieta's style of play when he landed at Urritxe in the January transfer window.

Sergio Moreno: «My level is much higher than what I am giving»

It has probably cost him more than even he himself expected to fit into Amorebieta's style of play when he landed at Urritxe in the January transfer window. Sergio Moreno, feisty and ambitious, arrived with great enthusiasm and a very high self-demanding bar, which is why he does not feel entirely satisfied with the performance he has offered in these months. Last Saturday's match against Huesca was probably the most complete match for the Navarrese, who has not yet had the fortune to release his scoring locker with the blue shirt.

- On Saturday many people left Lezama highlighting his performance, even the coach dedicated a few words to him in the press room. How is he?

- I feel very well. At first I had to acclimatize to the team, to the style, but I've been feeling better and better. I already know how each one plays, I understand them, I understand how the coach wants to play... the truth is that I feel very comfortable on the pitch and playing with any teammate up front. We are all competitive and we are all very clear about what we have to do. We each have our style. But that's also good, having different profiles up there.

- Was that period of adaptation that you mentioned difficult for you?

- It is the first time that I play in a team with such a specific style of play, but after all we have a team to play like that. We are playing well in our style. Personally, I'm playing a lot now. When the team has a bad dynamic, changes are made. It's normal.

- What is Haritz Mujika asking you?

- That they break up a lot of space, that when I catch the ball on the wing that I go for the defender and face them, because I'm faster than them. And that he press a lot and that he bites.

- He fulfills that part… although he hasn't managed to score yet.

- It's not going to be because of desire, I'm not going to stop trying to score. You will never miss me. That's what forwards play for. And if I can't score, then let it be an assist. And if not, press for another partner to steal. Anything to help.

- Are you satisfied with the performance you have given so far in Amorebieta?

- No. I set my expectations very high because I came here 'to break it'. I came here to come back to Rayo with a lot of strength. These last games I'm picking up my level. I'm going to try to achieve it by playing more and better because my level is much higher than what I'm giving.

- How is the locker room after a day like the last one? They went from being a stone's throw away to seeing it very complicated again.

- We are a strong, humble group, we support each other. In the booth, everything is the same. We had to win all three games. We have already won one, we have another two left. We are going for all the points, to put pressure on Málaga and Sporting, let them play their games and see what happens. It is true that it has twisted a bit, but I have seen worse things in football.

- It is a phase of the definitive season in which knowing how to deal with the pressure or the anxiety to win is key.

- We only have to think about what is ours, we do not have to think about waiting for the failure of others. If you get the six points, they are going to have to play their games knowing that we are going to get the points. If you're not thinking about your game, you're going to fail. And if you puncture there is no chance.

- Do you have the feeling that the team continues to pay the toll of being a rookie in the category even at this point in the season?

- Can be. But I don't think that inexperience has been noticed much either, I have seen the team very competitive in all the games. Yes, it is true that many times we have options to score, we don't close the match and we complicate ourselves. And with the ball stopped we had a dynamic that was to take out the rival team and be with the 'runrún'. We have improved that a lot, better late than never. But we have missed points that should not have been missed in life.

- On Saturday the permanence is played against a Cartagena already without aspirations.

- Huesca didn't either and they made things very complicated for us at the end of the game. In the Second Division, no match is comfortable. The teams stand up to you, you are playing against professional people, they are all good people. You cannot go out confident against any team, whether or not they play at all. Because as long as you come out relaxed, you're going to go home with three. We are clear that if we play like last weekend, we have many chances to get the three points. By intensity they can never beat us.

- What would you say to the Zornotzarra fans?

- Let them turn on the television and enjoy because we are going to go for Cartagena to score as many goals as possible. And to Ponferradina, more of the same. Let's go for the six points. We have it very clear.