Security: Burglary protection for the windows: What options are there - and what you should pay attention to

Especially if you live on the ground floor, there is sometimes a fear of a burglary.

Security: Burglary protection for the windows: What options are there - and what you should pay attention to

Especially if you live on the ground floor, there is sometimes a fear of a burglary. Windows or patio doors are then fairly easy to access. How important it is to protect your windows against burglary is made clear by the network "Zuhause Sicherheit", an initiative of the police authorities: "80 percent of burglaries are done by prying open the window or French door," says the website. And burglary protection for the windows does not have to be expensive. We present several cost-effective measures to make windows, balcony and patio doors burglar-proof.

Very few burglars break a window to get into an apartment or house. This eventually causes too much noise. They usually even pry open windows or doors without any special tools, opportunistic thieves only need a sturdy screwdriver. However, burglary protection on windows can counteract this method well, for example by preventing them from being forced open or by making noises when the window opens - and thus deterring the burglar.

As a security measure, the police recommend lockable window handles in accordance with DIN 18267. Such window handles should prevent burglars who poke through the glass seal with a screwdriver from turning the handle. They also protect against reaching through the glass, i.e. if a hole is punched in the pane to turn the window handle. According to the police, security fittings with the largest possible number of mushroom head locks and matching security strike plates are also useful on windows.

Burglary protection for the windows also offer screw-on security devices. They ensure that windows or patio doors cannot be pried open in the first place. The fuses should comply with the DIN 18104 Part 1 standard. Some window locks are clearly visible. This can deter potential (casual) thieves even before they attempt to break in. The following applies to window locks: Anything that makes it difficult for burglars to pry open is good. Because if the attempt doesn't work quickly, many will give up for fear of being seen.

There are also stick-on fuses that can be attached to the inside of windows or doors and which make loud noises when windows or doors are opened after securing. However, these safeguards are best used in addition to measures such as a lockable handle.

There are also other alternative options for providing windows with burglary protection: folding locks, for example. These block windows when opened from the outside, providing extra protection. However, such security devices should always be used in addition to the measures recommended by the police and not alone - to really ensure burglary protection.

Fixed grilles or lockable window grilles are a good option for basement windows to ensure more security.

You should always lock window handles and doors - even if you only leave the house or apartment for a short time.

Of course, you should never leave keys in your pocket, not even in patio or balcony doors. And: never hide house or terrace door keys outside, because burglars usually know where to look for them.

Roller shutters provide good protection at night. However, they should not be closed during the day. Because otherwise you signal that you are not there.

For long periods of absence, it may be wise to ask friends, neighbors, or family members to mow the lawns that are visible and occasionally let them park in your driveway or parking lot.

Objects that are attractive to burglars, such as smartphones, cameras or laptops, should be placed in such a way that they are not visible from the outside, for example when looking through the window.

Valuables such as cash or jewelry are best stored in a safe or at the bank.

Source used: "Home Safe"

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