Rugby (Nationale: SA XV still controls Valence-Romans, validating its rise to Pro D2

Chanzy fell.

Rugby (Nationale: SA XV still controls Valence-Romans, validating its rise to Pro D2

Chanzy fell... One year after a traumatic relegation the SA XV will officially be the Pro D2. The Violets defeated Valence-Romans, 13-20, in an open, committed, and long undecided duel at a stadium that, as expected, played its 16th man role, Sunday May 29, (26-18). They will be trying to win the National title in Blagnac on June 4. After this joyous and validated climb, they will be free from all pressure.

The second act was the same as the first. The domination was angoumoisine, despite the fact that ammunition was not used in the camp of a VRDR who was condemned to defend it. The miraculous breakthrough through Mau's curtain, which spun at the feet of the posts, and relieved the entire stadium, left them helpless (15-13, 53rd). The confidence was clearly shifting sides. The conquering Violets smashed a scrum, and a new penalty was issued by Saubusse (18-13, 62nd), which still had an impeccable footwork (18-13, 62nd). A big Charente defense on a ball 5 meters away from the line saw the VRDR lose the match's thread. Particularly since Saubusse continued to investigate the foot (21-13 and 68th).

To return to equality in field points, and to increase the number of attempts, the Damiers had to register two more tries. Giresse will score the final line, placing them at 80th. This is insufficient to win the second round or reverse the double confrontation. Raivono supported the convincing success his team achieved after an additional round (26-18, 80th). It was due for an invasion on the field and beautiful communion on the grass: Chanzy will discover the antechamber of elite that he has so often missed.

Soyaux-Angouleme XX - XX Valence-Romans

Location: Angouleme (Chanzy stadium). Referee: Mr. Charabas. Half-time: 10-10. Spectators: Approximately 7,000

Soyaux-Angouleme. Points: 3 attempts from Lestremau (40%), Mau (52%), Raivono (880%2), 1 transformation (40th), and 3 penalties (22nd 62nd, 68th), from Saubusse (22nd, 62%, 68th).

The team: Lafitte - Lestremau, Mau (Lafon, 67th), I. Ayarza, Raivono - (o) Ugalde (Pehau, 75th), (m) Saubusse (Rubio, 75th) - Tskhadadze, Texier (Vai, 54th). Gibbon (cap. - Roux, Turnip (Sutiashvili, 67th) - Kumbirai (Diakite, 43rd), Bidart (R. Ayarza, 63rd), Vartan (Odishvili, 57th).

Valence-Romans. The points: Emerson (30th), Giresse (880th), 1 conversion (30th), and 2 penalties (17th,42nd) from Menzel.

The team: Moura-Emerson, Quinnez, Bouldoire and Giresse - (o), Price, (m), Menzel (Dupas 70th), Gicquel (Girlando 70th), Hayes, Van Lill, 58th), Army - Groenewald (Goumat, 52nd), Dyer - Goze (Balust, 70th), Jenneker (Lalevee, 60), Aleo (Pontanier, 55th).