Rufo teaches a master's degree in a 'Caprichosa' with a great atmosphere

Hot and almost summer afternoon at the bullfight held in the bullring of 'La Caprichosa' in Talavera de la Reina.

Rufo teaches a master's degree in a 'Caprichosa' with a great atmosphere

Hot and almost summer afternoon at the bullfight held in the bullring of 'La Caprichosa' in Talavera de la Reina. Three-quarters of a square of people who came from all over the city and the region to see their local bullfighter, Tomás Rufo. Temperate and beautiful paseo, after which the chords of the national anthem sounded and were applauded by the respectable. On horseback he began with the first bull Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, who had an unequal fight. He was right, above all, with the mount of 'Disparate' in a task of will and dedication in which he did not hit with the spear of death. His work was silenced.

Amid applause, he received his first bull, Tomás Rufo, a stubborn but well-presented animal from Alcurrucén.

Clean aprons taking the bull from the third to the media and finishing off the capotero receipt of two veronicas stockings. He made a remove by chicuelinas in the center of the ring very much to the taste of the respectable. The banderillas third was carried out by Sergio Blasco and Fernando Sánchez, who were encouraged to greet after a great intervention.

Rufo began genuflexo, pulling the bull by both pitons and taking it out embedded in the muleta until the third. At that moment the pasodoble composed for the occasion and premiered this afternoon of bullfighting with the name of Pepino's matador began to sound. To the sound of the notes, Rufo was pulling the animal from below with his left foot in tight and long runs, always finished off below with taste and bullfighting. The end of the task had more delivery and the bullfighter hit the steel on the second attempt with a lunge to the hilt. Ear.

In his second, Tomás Rufo took precautions at the start as the bull was undefined. Based on trust and dedication he managed to put him in the basket, achieving batches of great merit and quality by both pitons. The public saw the delivery of his countryman and the surroundings at the time of fitting in, initialing the task with a thrust from the top that earned him to cut off both ears.

Hermoso de Mendoza came out with great enthusiasm in his second bull, doing a neat job with both the banderillas and the short ones with two hands. With the clothes placed in his basket, he finished off his work with very showy roses. The box gave him an ear.

With the fifth bull in the ring, the afternoon warmed up and Rufo displayed his bullfighting with his cape. The bull from Alcurrucén, shod with the number 66 and brown, was a prodigy of charges that the bullfighter from Pepino knew how to take advantage of. Fernando Sánchez dismounted with the banderillas, to whom Carretero gave the honor of entering the bullfighter twice, raising the Talavera public from his seats. Meanwhile, with the crutch, he stood where he had not stood before, near the pythons, coiling the horned man around his thin waist. The prodigious doll and the temper that Rufo treasures left the best muletazos of the afternoon in the arena. He endorsed the task with a lunge to the ball and walked two ears.

And one more obtained Pepino's from which he closed the square. A bull of precious workmanship that allowed him to fight for adjusted verónicas. With the crutch in hand, after toasting the public, Rufo displayed the bullfighting that he wears on his wrists and subdued the noble Alcurrucén animal by both pythons, breaking in surrender. If he had hit the first time with the steels, he would have obtained an additional ear.