RTL show: "Let's Dance": Hot salsa moves – but the Slowfox is a couple's undoing

On Friday evening, the RTL floor glowed: For the first time on "Let's Dance" (also on RTL), the celebrities danced against each other on the "Hot Salsa Night" to get extra points.

RTL show: "Let's Dance": Hot salsa moves – but the Slowfox is a couple's undoing

On Friday evening, the RTL floor glowed: For the first time on "Let's Dance" (also on RTL), the celebrities danced against each other on the "Hot Salsa Night" to get extra points. Flexible hips and enough physical condition were required.

Former gymnast Philipp Boy started with his dance partner Patricija Ionel. A quick step was on the agenda for both of them. With a big jump, Philipp Boy entered the dance, flew across the floor and landed in such a way that one could have worried about his knees. "Philipp delivered," said juror Motsi Mabuse, summing up the successful performance. "Today it was the way I imagine it to be," explained her colleague Joachim Llambi, who particularly praised the rhythm and speed. All judges gave it a straight ten for this.

"All you have to do is swing your hips, be sexy and flirt," said Julia Beautx after training for her samba with Zsolt Sándor Cseke. Actually a role in which she initially did not feel comfortable on stage. "Samba sucks," even tears flowed from the YouTuber and actress. But there was nothing more to see in the live show. "The technology was there," praised Mabuse. "I want to dance with this chica. It was full of energy, as if you had danced samba all your life," she was able to inspire Jorge González. "You come down there and say: 'Eat me as I am.'" Joachim Llambi was happy about her development. The two jurors awarded ten points for this, Mabuse gave nine points.

During training, Chryssanthi Kavazi received a visit from her good friend and "Let's Dance" finalist from 2021, Valentina Pahde. After this motivation, the actress was ready for the "king of standard dances", the slow fox. The 34-year-old had trained hard for the performance together with Vadim Garbuzov, but not everything went smoothly on stage. "It wasn't your dance," said Llambi, finding last week's Paso Doble significantly stronger. Mabuse described the performance as "charming". "Sometimes you were not so stable in the turn," criticized González. There were a total of 19 points for the Slowfox. The hope for progress was great, after all, Kavazi had the "best time of her life" on "Let's Dance", as she revealed.

Fast movements plus a lifting figure were the challenges of the week for Anna Ermakova. The Becker daughter presented a Charleston with her partner Valentin Lusin. Instead, she became a marionette, hanging from threads moved by Valentin Lusin at the beginning of her performance. Detached, Ermakova twirled professionally across the floor as usual. "It's amazing quality you're delivering here," González was impressed. "Your facial expressions, your posture, your rhythm, that's crazy!", the juror couldn't stop raving. Mabuse joined the hymn of praise. She paid tribute to the 23-year-old for dancing so perfectly in heels. "You're just great. Point," Llambi summed it up. Again Ermakova cleared the 30 points.

Jens "Knossi" Knossalla presented a Viennese waltz with Isabel Edvardsson. "Who would have thought that Knossi could dance so well?!" Surprised the entertainer González, who was enthusiastic. "That's why we built this big dance floor here," Llambi was satisfied with Knossi's performance and continued to praise: "You did everything right". There were nine points from González and eight points each from Mabuse and Llambi, which the entertainer accepted euphorically and beaming with joy.

Timon Krause and Ekaterina Leonova had great feelings with their contemporary. "The choreo affected me because I could find myself there," explained the mentalist during the training. The emotions arrived at Jorge González: "I felt that at the moment you felt what you were dancing". Llambi also noticed an intimacy between the dancing couple, who found some movements "too mechanical" and wanted more softness from Krause in certain situations. "You are like a little star for me on 'Let's Dance'," said Mabuse warmly – 28 points.

Sharon Battiste and Christian Polanc had prepared a particularly dramatic and emotional Viennese waltz. The special version of classical dance split the jury. "It was interesting to watch and I love how you interpreted it," the performance was well received by Mabuse and González. Completely different with Joachim Llambi: he found the song "Cuz I Love You" by Lizzo inappropriate for a Viennese waltz. In addition, he saw too little of a classic waltz. "To the right he was quite decent, to the left it was nothing," was the conclusion of the juror, who awarded six points. This gave Sharon Battiste a total of 23 points.

For the first time on "Let's Dance", the celebrities were able to collect extra points with the "Hot Salsa Night". During the fiery dance, they had to rotate their hips and demonstrate good stamina. Battiste became the "Salsa Queen" and was able to score ten additional points. Second place went to Anna Ermakova with eight special points - Julia Beautx danced her way to third place.

In the end it wasn't enough for Chryssanthi Kavazi and Vadim Garbuzov and the audience had to say goodbye to the actress.