Robert Durst was admitted to hospital with COVID-19. His lawyer said

Robert Durst is a New York real estate heir who was sentenced to death in a murder case that spanned two decades. He was hospitalized Saturday after contracting COVID-19. His lawyer confirmed this Saturday.

Robert Durst was admitted to hospital with COVID-19. His lawyer said

Dick DeGuerin, defense attorney, said that Durst was admitted to the hospital after he tested positive for coronavirus. Multiple media outlets were informed by DeGuerin that Durst is currently on a ventilator. Further details about his condition are not yet available.

In a statement, the Los Angeles Superior Court stated Saturday that Durst had been notified by the court that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

The statement stated that the Court would follow the LA County Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines to assess close contacts of an infected person.

There have been no additional COVID-19 cases.

Durst, now 78, was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for his murder of his best friend over two decades ago. Durst, who suffers from multiple medical conditions, was confined to a wheelchair and stared incoherently during the sentencing hearing.

DeGuerin stated Saturday that he was "very, very sick" in the courtroom.

Los Angeles Superior Court convicted him last month of first-degree Murder for shooting Susan Berman in the head in December 2000.

Durst was questioned about the murder for over 15 years. He finally confessed to it in 2015 after he made a foolish decision to take part in a documentary.

DeGuerin stated Thursday that Durst would be appealing.